Where is the cheapest place to buy property in Turkey?

cheapest place to buy property in Turkey

Real estate prices have been rising steadily in Turkey for a while. Happily, there are still bargains in some of the most popular Aegean and Mediterranean towns and villages. With prices from €30,000 and developer finance in place with guaranteed rental returns, you can pick up a new/off-plan property in Turkey easily for under €50,000. In this article we look at where might be the cheapest place to buy property in Turkey.

It’s also important to state that low prices don’t mean rubbish quality. Most developments – both new and resale – are built to a high standard. The bodge-jobs of the 1980s and 1990s are long gone. Turkey has opened its doors to foreign investment, and recognised that investors would only buy quality.

Even some of the cheapest places to buy are on Turkish developments. And they still come with plenty of green shared spaces and landscaped gardens, swimming pool, gymnasium etc.

It isn’t just cheap apartments either. Often you can find villas for sale from €75,000 with private gardens and again built to an excellent quality.

The choices for reasonably-priced, great-value property in Turkey can be overwhelming as it is such a large country. Think about whether you are buying this property for your own holidays or are looking to rent it out. This will have a bearing on the facilities and environment.

Property for sale in Bursa

Situated due South of Istanbul across the Sea of Marmara, Bursa is a relatively undeveloped part of Turkey. Because of this it offers excellent value properties. The prices of apartments in Bursa are some of the lowest in Turkey! There are opportunities both in the town centre and on the coast. Definitely a location with long-term growth potential – but today offers cheap properties.

Property for sale in Istanbul

The European side of Istanbul is seeing huge growth. Large, all-inclusive resort complexes are dominating some regions on the outskirts of Istanbul. And they come with shared facilities, green spaces, shops and services etc. Developing suburbs like Beylikduzu, Avcilar and Kucukcekmece are popular and offer some exceptionally-priced apartments, often with developer finance.

Property for sale in Tasyaka

In the Fethiye region, Tasyaka is a popular residential area which has developed considerably over recent years. Located off the main road between Fethiye and Oludeniz, it is strategically well-placed for both locals and tourists. Investors looking for affordable properties with ocean views are attracted to the elevated position of Tasyaka.

Property for sale in Guvercinlik

Guvercinlik is definitely one of the less-well-known resorts on the Bodrum peninsula. As a result it offers some of the cheapest places to buy in Turkey. It is a stunning destination, nestled inland slightly from the Aegean Sea surrounded by fields of olive trees. Guvercinlik has some very well-priced apartments for sale. These properties will allow you to sample the relaxed Aegean lifestyle without breaking the bank.

It’s safe to say there is more than one ‘cheapest place to buy property in Turkey’ 🙂

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