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Villas for sale in Hisaronu

Are you looking for a nice spot to buy a vacation home? Maybe you want a place to relocate to for a couple months out of the year. Or best of all, a place to move to year-round with great weather, amazing culture and even a good upside for investing. Then you should be looking at villas for sale in Hisarönü.

Hisarönü is a beautiful tourist hot spot located to the south west of Marmaris city centre. Hisarönü is just an incredible place to have a residence. In addition, it has rugged landscapes, magnificent beaches and many attractions. All of which is perfect for so many people. Today we show you why you need to start putting your money away to buy one of the many villas for sale in Hisarönü.

Gorgeous landscapes and beaches

Hisarönü is the type of place we often find in travel magazines and brochures. Just imagine being able to live in a magazine spot whenever you like throughout the year. Because of its spectacular location you get to enjoy its out of this world scenery, especially when the sunset glows off the rocky hills. Lets not forget the crystal clear seas also. Hisarönü doesn’t have a beach in the city but it does have Ölüdeniz.  This is the most popular beach in Turkey, just a few minutes’ car ride away.

Hisarönü has amazing weather

Some say the weather is so refreshing that the region has healing properties. We will let you decide whether that is true or not when you visit for your villa inspection. Hisarönü has a combination of Mediterranean and Aegean weather. It’s super hot during the months of July and August. However, even during hot periods there are days you don’t feel the heat as much because of its location. The windy weather is perfect for beginner surfers – something you can take up while you are there perhaps.  Additionally, it’s normal to see people in t-shirts during the winters.

Affordable villas for sale In Hisarönü

Hisarönü is still an upcoming area. A lot of people who buy homes in this region are looking for a nice peaceful place that is still close enough to the big city. To acquire a huge luxury villa is still possible at awesome prices even now.  For example, you can get a newly constructed 4-bedroom villa with a swimming pool for around £240,000. It would be very hard to get something this great at this price anywhere else.

Since it is a popular tourist destination, you can also find villas for sale in Hisarönü with a to-let option. Here the property continues to make you money even while you are away.

When it comes to choosing your holiday home or investment property, you need to consider looking at villas for sale in Hisarönü. You can be assured of amazing weather, beautiful, unforgettable scenery and the best prices.

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