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Property for Sale in Didim Turkey

Are you planning to invest in real estate overseas? Consider investing in property for Sale in Didim, Turkey. The country is currently attracting a growing number of foreign investment, and many private investors are also getting into the local real estate markets. Didim, a small holiday town two hours south of Izmir, has one of the most promising markets. And why wouldn’t it? People keep coming back to enjoy the long beautiful beaches and the rich cultural heritage of the city. Didim is also one of the up-and-coming places for Europeans setting up their second home. Currently, the city hosts approximately 1,000 expats and the community is getting bigger every year. You can also find a wide range of services in English all year round. Below, we have listed the top 3 reasons why you should also consider buying property in Didim, Turkey.

1.  Prices for Fully-Equipped Homes Start at €40,000

When you are looking for property for sale in Didim, Turkey, you will find that this small coastal town has properties for every taste and wallet. Whether you are looking for a comfortable villa or practical condo, the prices for fully-equipped homes start at €40,000. And by fully-equipped, we mean it. The properties in Didim come with high-quality materials and finishes, private pools and other luxuries. Before choosing the property you want to buy here, come to visit the city first. You should always try to get to know the market before investing there. To find the right property, consider also whether you are buying a holiday home for yourself or for renting out to others.

2.  Above Average Rental Yields

If you look at the rental yields in Didim, you will see why investing in real estate is so prominent here. Renting a holiday home in Didim is becoming more and more popular. As a result, the property owners are enjoying above-average rental yields. Unsure about what it means? Let us explain. Rental yield is the return you can get on a property through rent. The figure is calculated by summing up the rents you can get in one year and dividing the sum by the total amount you have invested in the property. Currently, the rental yields in Didim are around 5-7%. That is more than the average in many European countries such as the UK or Germany.

3.  Safe and Well-Known Destination for European and American Travellers

If you want to buy a holiday home you can also rent for profit, you should give serious thought to Didim. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has seized global travel, people still want to enjoy a holiday in the sun. And the west coast of Turkey truly has the best sunshine in the Mediterranean area! A mid-size holiday destination such as Didim is also a safe option for people who want to keep a social distance. After all, in a small city, everything is within a walking distance.

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