Turkish Resort Guide to Alanya

Turkish Resort Guide to Alanya

There are so many wonderful places to buy property in Turkey. Unless you spend time in each and every one, the choice can become overwhelming. Here you will find our Turkish resort guide to Alanya which will hopefully be useful!

Alanya is situated on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. It is about two hours’ drive east from the larger city of Antalya (the names are similar so don’t get them confused!) It is both a vibrant and busy working town, as well as a vast beach resort. Between the Mediterranean sea and the Taurus mountains, there is history abound in Alanya’s old quarter. Set on a dramatic rocky peninsula, this town has seen its fair share of change over the years. From its’ 13th Century Castle and Red Tower to modern apartments and beachside developments, this area has it all.

On the eastern side of the peninsula you will find a fortified harbour, beachside developments and extensive tourist facilities.
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Alanya offers miles of sandy beaches, as well as a bustling town-centre and modern apartment buildings which overlook the sea. Alanya town centre has everything you might need either as a tourist or resident, including shops, restaurants, hospitals and schools. As a resort it has a very broad appeal. Younger holidaymakers as well as retired or pre-retired homeowners both feel welcome and at ease.

If you want to know what the climate is like, and how warm it is all-year-round, the area is well-known for its banana plantations and orange groves!

Alanya has incredible sandy beaches, divided in two by the peninsula. On the Western side the 3km Damlataş beach is hugely popular. Known by some as ‘Cleopatra’ beach as legend has it that the Egyptian queen once swam in the bay!

Property buyers in Alanya have a number of options.

On the northern edge of the town, properties and developments are more elevated, and newer apartments enjoy greener areas and more space.

Second homeowners might also buy in one of the suburbs of Alanya, which balance a more authentic property feel (many of these locations were once small villages in their own right before being subsumed by Alanya) with easy access to all the amenities of the town centre.

Over on the Eastern side of the peninsula, slightly less popular with international buyers, districts such as Kargicak, Tosmur and Obakoy have a good choice of apartments.

In terms of who buys here, the area is particularly popular with European buyers including Irish, Dutch, Scandinavians and Germans. British buyers also find the area appealing and like to escape to their holiday homes when the dreary British winter comes. That said, there are perhaps other resorts which are more popular with British buyers.

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