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Property for Sale Üzümlü

Turkey of course has great property for sale: Üzümlü especially boasts excellent prices, fine locations and options galore.  It is a beautiful, rustic town where the historical charm of Turkey is at full effect.

Üzümlü is appealing, but you how do you go about buying property here? It is important to carefully weigh up your options when you invest in property. The stakes are high, so you need to find the perfect choice.

In this buyers’ guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about buying property for sale Üzümlü. Let’s get started!

What Kinds of Property are Available in Üzümlü, Turkey?

Üzümlü is a tranquil, traditional Turkish town, brimming with perfectly preserved Greek and Ottoman-style houses. Additionally, many of the original streets remain. Üzümlü means “Grape,” as many properties are close to vineyards.

When you look at property for sale, Üzümlü, offers spectacular views and reasonably priced prospects, from plots to villas.

Along with historic buildings, the town boasts a large number of newly-constructed houses. For example, you may find a detached villa with three bedrooms, a garden and picturesque views of the Nif mountains.

Apart from that, there are resale apartments, ranging from one to four bedrooms. If this is not your cup of tea, you can invest in an empty plot. This way you can plan the perfect property and have it built for you.

If you’re looking at property for sale, Üzümlü is a good option. The lively town is close to the city of Fethiye. What’s more, property prices in Üzümlü are lower than those in Fethiye or Ovacik. The closer you get to these cities, the higher the prices.

Why Should You Buy Property In Üzümlü?

In today’s modern world, Üzümlü is like a paradise. Life here is relaxed, allowing you to enjoy a slower pace. In addition to this, there are a number of reasons you should consider buying a property in Üzümlü.

Affordable Prices

When looking for property for sale Üzümlü offers great value for money. Prices for plots of land start as low as 700 Turkish Liras per square meter. On the other hand, you can buy a four bedroom resale apartment for around £55,000 to £60,000. You can also obtain an attractive villa for just 130,000 Euros! Property prices in Turkey are generally affordable and they are even cheaper in this quiet village compared to the cities.

Natural Beauty

Üzümlü is blessed with bright sunlight and fresh air, coupled with scenic views of mountains and blue skies. The natural environment is pristine, with streams and pine forests. Furthermore, the town is rich with history. Finally, the weather here is ideal all year round. What’s better than relaxing in the rural, gorgeous backdrop of Üzümlü while sipping tea in a quiet café?


Üzümlü is rich in Turkish traditions and customs. The people are jovial, and the food is authentic and tasty. Every April, a three day mushroom folk festival takes place with a range of activities around local culture, folklore, music, and art. The town also produces fine wine as well as the famous “Dastar” fabric.

Historical Attractions

Sites such as the Lycian City and the Ruins of Cadianda are just a stone’s throw from Üzümlü. These historical attractions feature an ancient temple, stadium, and baths. They tell a rich story surrounded by the natural beauty of the area. Even the houses and streets of Üzümlü tell tales of Greek and Ottoman eras, preserved with great care.

Profitable Investments

Üzümlü is growing rapidly in terms of property demand and tourism. If you invest in property for sale Üzümlü will give you excellent returns. You can choose to buy a house and put it up for sale in a few years, or you can rent it out. With its increasing popularity, buying a property in this town represents prime real estate opportunities.


People from various nationalities call Üzümlü home. These include Turkish, British, Russian, Dutch, Arabic, and German nationals. Everyone comes together to form a peaceful and harmonious community sharing a relaxed lifestyle in this beautiful spot.

Tips for Buying a Property In Üzümlü

Many people are keen to buy a property in Üzümlü. Despite this, it is never wise to invest in property without careful consideration. Here are some of the factors you should consider before purchasing any property for sale Üzümlü can offer.

Contact local professional advisors

There is no better resource for scouting out the best property options than a local advisor. An advisor will be able to advise on the latest trends in the area, the different properties available, and the best approach to take. An advisor can also share lesser-known facts that you need to know about the area.

Rent before you buy

If you are unsure whether to buy a property, don’t jump in too soon. Take your time to consider your decision by renting a property first. You will be able to obtain first hand experience of life in the town. In this way, you can make a decision with confidence.

Seek advice from online forums

There are many online forums about life in Turkey and Üzümlü in particular. This is a great resource. Before buying your property, check out these forums. Engage with the community. Ask questions so that you can better understand the area. You may also find some recommendations for agents and contractors here.

Stay alert and avoid scams

If you buy a property through a real estate agency, make sure it is reputable. Look for agencies that are well-known and have good reviews. In the modern world, scammers are an unfortunate reality. Steer clear of any suspicious agencies, or sellers. Engage only with licensed professionals who can provide all the appropriate documents.

Final Thoughts

You can enjoy a quaint, rustic town and discover the subtle beauty of life in Üzümlü, Turkey. The area is gaining traction as an excellent place to live or visit. There is a variety of property for sale Üzümlü can boast. Imagine a peaceful and happy life full of enriching experiences and relaxation. Üzümlü delivers this and more!


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