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Turkish Apartments for Sale

Turkey is growing into a premier location for investors, holiday-makers, and expats looking to build their property portfolio. As a result of a changing regulatory landscape, investing in Turkish apartments for sale has never been easier.

Most people look to big cities such as Istanbul and Ankara when buying an apartments in Turkey. However, many others prefer a slower, more laid-back lifestyle in the rural areas of the country. If you are looking for an investment or retirement property in Turkey, there are many fantastic options to choose from. 

That being said, there is such a variety of geographies across Turkey’s 81 provinces that you may be feeling overwhelmed. Indeed, you can choose from lush forests to pristine beaches, quaint mountain towns to bustling tourist destinations. There are many factors to consider before you choose the perfect Turkish property for your needs and lifestyle.  

Best Places in Turkey to Invest

Quiet Beaches of Kalkan

Established in the southern Turkish Mediterranean, Kalkan is known as a quiet beach town popular for summer holidays. More so than other tourist destinations, Kalkan has retained a calm exclusivity that many investors wish to avoid spoiling. The area is hard-pressed to let go of its fishing village roots. 

Despite this, there is a wide variety of properties available in Kalkan. From luxurious apartments in Komurluk and Kisla to budget apartments in Kiziltas, Kalkan’s neighborhoods offer a range of Turkish apartments for sale. 

Kalkan is an exceptional location for the buy-and-let market. There are many apartments to choose from for those with a high budget. Indeed, Kalkan is the perfect investment if you plan to rent out a vacation home during the summer months. 

Altinkum, the Town of Golden Sands

The name Altinkum translates to “golden sands,” an appropriate description for this slice of paradise on Turkey’s southern Aegean coast. The small-town features three incredible beaches and only 10,000 year-round residents, making it a perfect getaway from Turkish hotspots. However, this number does increase in the summer months during the tourism high-season. 

Property prices are on the rise across the country, especially on the west coast. Despite this, the property market in Altinkum remains relatively cheap in comparison to similar areas. You can find a sea view two-bedroom apartment available for around $65,000. 

The price devaluation is due to the many properties available for sale in the area. There is a low-liquidity in Altinkum, so it may not be the best area for house-flipping. However, it is the perfect area to look for a summer home or a retirement property. 

Luxurious Bodrum Peninsula

Drawing tourists and investors from across the globe, Bodrum is an excellent investment opportunity for holiday homes, apartments, and villas. The area is famous for its bohemian, laid-back lifestyle that attracts many with a flair for the authentic and exotic. 

The Bodrum peninsula includes many different towns, each with its own appeal. With this in mind, you can feel comfortable knowing that any property you buy is within driving distance of another popular destination. In fact, the public transport system in this area is well-known for its quality and rate of service. There’s no need to own a car, as you can just hop on one of many buses servicing the area. 

Although you can find budget apartments in Bodrum, the area has the most expensive property market in the Turkish Mediterranean. Many luxury resorts have set up shop here over the last 20 years, increasing property values across the board. 

Despite this, there are still plenty of properties for sale, albeit for a higher price. You can find a traditional two-bedroom apartment starting from $50,000, while luxury listings start from around $120,000. In contrast, you can find cheaper plots of land inland to develop from the ground up if you wish. 

Gorgeous Fethiye

Fethiye is another excellent place to find Turkish apartments for sale. In this area, the housing market is a far cry from the unreliable properties for sale 20 years ago. The Turkish government introduced strict building regulations, overhauling property investment laws to make purchasing a home much simpler than it used to be. 

The reason why Fethiye is such a great investment opportunity is its value for money. There are plenty of properties available in different areas inside and outside of the city. However, the liquidity here is still fairly high. Estimates show growth in demand for property in Fethiye, so it’s best to invest now while the getting is good. 

In terms of property available in Fethiye, you will find a range of options typical to the Turkish coast. In that regard, traditional apartments, modern villas, and love-worn family homes are all reasonably priced. You can find modern flats for around $75,000 and even score a spacious villa for only $130,000. 

Growing Alanya 

For first-time buyers in the Turkish market, Alanya presents a bold opportunity for growth. Located on the central Mediterranean coast, Alanya is a tourist town that attracts many Brits, Russians, and wealthy Turks to its idyllic scenery every year. Consequently, Alanya is becoming a famous tourist destination globally and a great investment opportunity for rural property for sale in Turkey. 

However, apartments in Alanya are still available at bargain prices. Further, analysts predict the entire Turkish Mediterranean to experience substantial growth over the next decade. If you choose to invest now, in all likeliness your property will be worth much more in the coming years. 

Because of the tourist boom, Alanya is the perfect place to invest in a rental property. Apartments prices average around $42,000, and villas start at $120,000. If you move inland, property prices continue downward. Developing land plots is a good idea as it will provide privacy and exclusivity that might draw higher returns.  

The Time to Invest is Now

There has never been a better time to consider Turkish apartments for sale. From the golden sands of Altinkum to the towering mountains outside Fethiye, properties are available all over the country. However, prices are rising, so now is the time to pack your bags and head to Turkey!

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