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Property for Sale in Side Turkey

Property for sale in Side, Turkey is highly desirable for foreign investors. A beautiful resort, Side is a former fishing village on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. It’s frequently compared to an open air museum due to its fortified ancient walls that surrounds the town. Here, you can enjoy the stunning beaches, friendly waterfront restaurants and shopping outlets. If you’re considering buying property in Side, there are many reasons to take the plunge and here’s five of them.

Range of Properties

Your property search will take you to view anything from luxury penthouses, modern apartments and opulent villas. The majority of properties have a private or shared pool area, usually within walking distance to the beaches or centre. Popular with holidaymakers, especially families, properties in Side promise a worthwhile investment. Whatever your budget is, you’re bound to find the perfect property for your requirements.

Choose Your Beach

Side resort has a choice of two main beaches: to the west and to the east of the peninsula. In addition, it has a small cove right in the centre of the village. East beach is the less busy of the two and a favourite by locals despite being more stoney. It’s protected by the Roman remains which lie under the dunes. Alternatively, head to the West beach for the more developed of the beaches, complete with better amenities and sand!

Live by Ancient Ruins

While you don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy the sights of Side, cultural heritage is very important here. One of the best attractions is the ancient Greek amphitheatre. A large, well-preserved theatre, it also hosts summer performances which you can watch from the stone terraces. Another example of some of the magnificent ancient ruins in Turkey is the Temple of Apollo. Head there to watch the sunset and be in awe of its beauty.

Spend Time Shopping

When you’re not at the beach or on an excursion, shopping could easily become another pastime. Side has a number of shopping malls, all very close to each other which makes it easy to compare prices. Clothes, leather, souvenirs and general household items to decorate your property can all be found here. When you’ve exhausted the shops in Side, head to Manavgat Town Centre close by and pick up some bargains there too!

Cost of Living

If you want to buy a property for sale in Side Turkey but worry if you can afford it, you needn’t be! On average, a foreigner will see a vast difference when spending their hard earned cash on utility bills, food and going out. Compared to most other European countries, Turkey is extremely affordable. Furthermore, you could also find that rental returns will boost your bank account too!

Side ticks all the boxes if you’re looking for a property to relocate to but don’t want a large and noisy resort. Plus, it’s less than an hour from Antalya Airport so you can pop over any time you want!

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