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Property for sale in Ovacik

Far away from home, but not too wildly different or inconvenient. If that sounds like your ideal expat life, then you should set your eyes on Ovacik.  Stunning beaches, hillside villas, laid-back resort vibe, a thriving British community and more. We’ll discuss the reasons why moving to Ovacik would be a great idea.  Read on to see if it suits you, and we’ll help you find a property for sale in Ovacik.

 Where is Ovacik?

Ovacik is a small village in the Fetihye district on the Turkish Riviera. It’s located in the Mugla province in Turkey. Ovacik sits on a plateau that rises almost 2,000m above sea level.  Lush pine forests surround the area. On top of this, stunning views of hills and valley greet visitors and residents daily.  Ovacik is a quiet, residential area with an ideal location. It is just a stone’s throw away from the popular seaside towns of Fetihye and Oludeniz. This is the main reason why plenty of people search for property for sale in Ovacik.

How do you get to Ovacik?

Dalaman is the nearest airport to Ovacik. It is an international airport which opened a new terminal in 2018. The flight is just less than 4 hours from London.  As of early 2020, there are a total of 30 direct flights per week between London and Dalaman.  British Airways and Turkish Airlines fly direct to Dalaman from London.  From Dalaman Airport, Ovacik is just an hour away by shuttle service.

Weather in Ovacik

Ovacik’s weather is slightly cooler than the neighbouring towns of Fetihye and Oludeniz.  This is because Ovacik sits 2,000m above sea level.  The warmest month is July with an average maximum of 30 degrees Celsius.  January is the coldest month with an average maximum of 14 degrees Celsius.  The weather in Ovacik is overall pleasant year-round.

Fetihye, Oludeniz and Hisaronu

It’s impossible to discuss Ovacik without mentioning its neighbouring towns.  Hisaronu is a popular tourist resort village that’s just a 10-minute stroll from Ovacik. It’s in the Fetihye district and in this area, you can find plenty of restaurants and bars. From fine-dining to Irish pubs, you can find establishments that serve all kinds of cuisine.  Fetihye is a fantastic place for foodies. Most especially if you love seafood. They have a fish market, where you can enjoy freshly caught fish every day. Don’t forget to top this up with Turkish meze and dessert in their outdoor cafes!  Fetihye has plenty of tourist attractions. From the historical Tomb of Amyntas to the Fetihye Museum, it’s not hard to see why Fetihye is a popular tourist area. Many people also enjoy Fetihye’s natural wonders like Butterfly Valley. A quick stroll to the harbour also provides equally stunning views.

The resort town of Oludeniz is just 5 kilometres away from Ovacik.  There, you can find the blue lagoon and the stunning white Belcekiz Beach. Paragliding is a popular sport over the Blue Lagoon due to its views. Many expats have taken up this hobby upon moving to Ovacik.  Don’t worry. If you’re not much of a daredevil, there’s still plenty to do.  You can swim and kayak in the blue lagoon. And while you’re at it, you can say hello to the paragliders above.  Another popular thing to do is to sail around the 12 islands of Gocek. The waters here are crystal clear. There are plenty of boat companies that will take you around.  Then there’s also the thermal mud baths. You can improve your health while relaxing at the thermal mud bath at Dalyan Peloid.

All these bustling touristy towns are just within 5 kilometres from Ovacik. Ovacik is the quieter, residential area so you can see why many want to settle here.

 A strong British expat community

This is another reason why moving to Ovacik might be for you. There’s a thriving British community in the Fetihye/Ovacik area.  Over the last 20 years, many British have enjoyed calling Fetihye (which includes Ovacik) their second home. There’s an estimated number of 7,600 resident foreigners in Fetihye. Of this number 5,200 are British citizens.

If you haven’t brushed up on your Turkish slang yet, don’t worry. You can get by just speaking English.  One out of 20 people in the area is a foreigner. And this indicates that the region is friendly to tourists and expats.  Homesickness isn’t a problem when you settle in Ovacik/Fetihye.  Many have friends that are already in Ovacik or Fetihye so moving in feels like just moving to a “same but different” UK town.  There’s already a network of local information and online expat groups in Ovacik and Fetihye area. This makes settling extremely easy.

 Low Cost of Living

 Value for money. This is what makes life enjoyable in Ovacik. Food and grocery shopping is almost 50 percent cheaper than the UK. Utilities can average out to be just less than £40 per month. For expenses alone, it’s easy to live on £300 a month in Ovacik.  As you can see, buying a property for sale in Ovacik is also tempting. A 2-bedroom apartment starts at £50,000; a medium-sized villa starts at around £70,000.  You can easily live a life of luxury in Ovacik!

 The Mediterranean Lifestyle

Finally, here’s the best reason. Moving to Ovacik is good for the soul. And the body. Fresh air, gorgeous landscapes, a Mediterranean diet and a relaxed lifestyle. All these are just what the doctor prescribed!  Many expats find that they are living healthier lives upon moving to Ovacik. Low stress, low cost of living but high on relaxation. There’s also the option to eat out for most meals. You can also get your own yacht or boat. Swim every day in your private pool in your 4-bedroom villa.  This kind of life may sound like a far-fetched fantasy, but it’s actually real.  Join the thousands who already enjoy this life.  Let us help you find a property for sale in Ovacik!


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