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Ovacik Property for Sale

Ovacik is located in the thriving Fethiye region on the Turkish Riviera. Also known as the Turquoise Coast, this is an area of stunning natural beauty. It features beautiful coastline, lush hills and interesting history. Ovacik was once a small farming village. Now it has grown to a modern town that is popular with tourists and expats. Ovacik property for sale includes small apartments and luxury villas. The town is located at the base of Mount Babadag and close to the Blue Lagoon. Thus many properties have stunning natural views.

What kinds of property are available in Ovacik?

Ovacik lies on a plateau in the shadow of Mount Babadag. It is an area of natural beauty, perfect for walks and outdoor activities. The lifestyle here is relaxed with just a few restaurants and bars. But it is close to the lively nightlife of Hisaronu and Fethiye.

Despite the many modern apartments and hotels, the surrounding landscape is untouched. Ovacik property for sale covers a range of different types of homes. You’ll find compact apartments which are very affordable. These studios and one-bedroom apartments are perfect for singles and couples. Apartment complexes typically have landscaped gardens and swimming pools. Some also have gyms, bars and restaurants.

There are also family homes and luxurious villas. When you buy an Ovacik villa you can expect a private pool, air-conditioning and laminate flooring. Ovacik is a great opportunity to invest in the famed Fethiye region. It is also close to the beach and affordable.

Why buy a property in Ovacik?

There are many reasons to consider buying a property in Ovacik. Whether looking for an investment, a holiday home or somewhere to live, Ovacik is a great choice!

  1. Perfect location: Ovacik is located between the towns of Fethiye and Oludeniz. Both can be reached from Ovacik in a few minutes. The former has a stunning lagoon and popular beach. The latter is full of history, restaurants and nightlife. So Ovacik offers the best of all worlds!
  2. Low cost of living: You will find your expenses are much cheaper in Ovacik than in places like the UK. Rent, food and utilities are very affordable here. Likewise, you can redecorate your property for very low costs. You’ll be able to enjoy a high quality of life even on a modest income.
  3. Affordable property prices: Ovacik property for sale is generally very affordable. In general, Turkey has properties at much lower prices than other European countries. In particular, Ovacik offers great value for money. It has high-quality yet affordable properties.
  4. Family-friendly: Ovacik is an excellent place for families. The town is quiet and safe. There is also plenty to do for families. You can take a boat trip, go paragliding or hike in stunning nature. If you are planning to live here, Ovacik is a great place to raise a family. On the other hand, you can easily rent out your investment property in this holiday town.
  5. Fantastic weather: The Turkish Riviera is lucky to have pleasant weather for much of the year. It has long summers and a warm, dry climate. Ovacik’s location near the bottom of Mount Babadag means it has cool breezes. This makes it pleasant even in the middle of summer.
  6. Perfect Lifestyle: The climate here and more set the scene for a fantastic lifestyle. Life in Ovacik is slow and relaxed, the perfect escape from the rat race! At the same time, the region lets you enjoy a modern lifestyle. For this reason, many expats from Britain and other parts of Europe choose to make Ovacik their home.
  7. Incredible food: Mediterranean cuisines such as Italian and Greek food are famous worldwide. Turkish food is less known, but just as delicious! Like other Mediterranean foods, it has lots of healthy ingredients like fresh seafood, vegetables and olive oil. Ovacik has a number of traditional and modern restaurants. Just down the road is Hisaronu with lively bars and restaurants. Nearby Oludeniz offers romantic beachside fare, and Fethiye has fine dining options.
  8. Easy to get here: Ovacik is located in the popular Fethiye region of Turkey. It is located close to the D400 highway and not far from Dalaman Airport. You can easily get here from other parts of Turkey as well as internationally.

Tips for buying a property in Ovacik

When looking at Ovacik property for sale, you’ll find plenty of great options. Buying a property in Ovacik is relatively easy. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First of all, you’ll need to decide what kind of property you want to buy. There are different types of properties available in Ovacik. Each have their own pros and cons:

  • Villas: These large homes are perfect for families. They also offer a level of luxury to people who enjoy the finer things in life. These are the best option if you are looking to move to Turkey full time.
  • Apartments: These are smaller and more affordable than villas. Apartments in Ovacik are a great option as holiday homes. They also work well as investment properties. You can easily rent them out to tourists.
  • Traditional properties: You can find some traditional properties in Ovacik. However, many need to be renovated. Therefore, they are best for people looking for a DIY project.

Before buying a property in Turkey, it is important to get legal advice. When investing in a foreign country, you need to understand the local laws. You can do your own research, but it is best to rely on a local expert. They will advise you on how to best handle the process.

Summing up

Ovacik is a great place to buy a holiday or a full-time home. Its stunning location and perfect weather make it popular with holidaymakers and expats. This makes it the perfect spot to rent out your property when you’re not using it. At the same time, this is a great place to live if you want to move to Turkey!

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