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Property for sale in Marmaris

They say that life begins at retirement, but we beg to disagree just a little. We say that life begins whenever you want it to, and one of the best places to do that is in Marmaris!  Marmaris is a resort town in the Turkish Riviera on the Mediterranean coast.  And life there can be as exciting or as laid-back as you want it to be.  Without further ado, here’s why we think it’s great to invest in a property for sale in Marmaris.

A Balanced Lifestyle of Fun, Sun and Relaxation

There are plenty of cities in Turkey that are popular as a second home. And among them all, we reckon Marmaris wins the award for being the most well-rounded. Why?  First, let’s begin with Marmaris’ location. Marmaris is a sunny resort town on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. It boasts of 9 kilometres of sandy beaches. Marmaris is well-known for its wide variety of beachfront restaurants. And at night, it comes alive as the bars cater to every cuisine and music genre.  Second, the coastline of Marmaris is stunning and cruising is a popular way to spend the day or afternoon there. Plenty of foreign residents can easily hire a boat or a yacht for the day. And if you’ve always dreamed of owning one, that’s also quite possible!

Stay Active and Young

Moreover, if you wish to balance out the nights of partying and days of indulgence, there’s plenty of sport activities too. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn a sport or go back to pursue a passion and hobby? Now is the perfect time. Marmaris has plenty of sport centres offering windsurfing, jet skiing, scuba diving and parasailing, to name just a few.

Finally, if you wish to unwind and become one with nature, it can be easily done. Just a short drive from Marmaris are a host of natural and historical wonders. One of them is the cultural town of Dalyan, which offers a lot of Turkish history and a very laid-back atmosphere. Then you can also go to Turgut, a village less than an hour from Marmaris. There you can find the most diverse carpet shops and also the very relaxing Turgut falls. And you can also go caving in the historical Nimara cave on Heaven Island which dates back to the 2nd century AD.

 A Better and Healthier Lifestyle

Marmaris lies just 7m above sea level. Because of this, residents in Marmaris enjoy year-round temperate weather. The average temperature is 18 degrees Celsius, with the maximum average at 34 degrees Celsius, and minimum of 7 degrees Celsius. Essentially, this means more outdoor enjoyment! And because of the low cost of living in Marmaris, you could also enjoy a healthier Mediterranean diet every day. Another bonus of your pounds going a long way in Marmaris? You can finally live your dream lifestyle. For instance, a luxurious 3-bedroom apartment that’s walking distance to the beach is as low as £143,000!

To sum it up, you can be as busy or relaxed as you wish to be in Marmaris. And whichever way you want it, you will certainly have fun. Start your ideal lifestyle now and choose a property for sale in Marmaris on our site!

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