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Property for Sale Marmaris Turkey

If you are looking at property for sale, Marmaris, Turkey offers plenty of investment opportunities to entice you. Marmaris is popular for holiday-makers, expats and investors. An idyllic location, Marmaris is on the southwestern coast of Turkey. Stunning coastline, natural beauty and a busy centre, all await you. There’s something for everyone’s tastes! It’s no wonder visitor numbers are increasing each year! Marinas with mouth-watering eateries all add to a slice of paradise. If this isn’t enough to convince you, here’s 10 more reasons.

  1. Mediterranean Lifestyle

    Imagine waking up for a stroll along golden beaches any day you choose. Then again, you might prefer morning coffee watching the fishing boats? If you own property in Marmaris you can do this whenever you want! The moment you arrive at this resort, you’ll feel welcomed. It’s a great chance to spend time in a warm climate. The choice of bars, restaurants and shops will keep you entertained every day. What’s not to love?

  2. Coastal Activities

    If you’re not keen on water sports, there are other relaxing activities. As well as sunbathing, try sailing or take a boat cruise to other areas. Moreover, all the beaches in Marmaris have Blue Flag status. You can even take a catamaran to Rhodes in Greece for the day! You can visit Roman ruins, magical pine forestry and stunning mountains. In addition, hikers have ample walks to explore the numerous coastal paths. Cooler months are perfect for exploring the National Park.

  3. Investment Opportunities

    When looking to invest in property for sale, Marmaris, Turkey has become extremely attractive. This is great news for investing in real estate. Your only decision is if you want an apartment or luxurious villa! Either way, you’re bound to find the perfect property. Marmaris can also provide you with lucrative rental returns. This is especially true during high seasons when it’s very busy. Otherwise, business investments are on offer for potential income. It won’t be difficult to find the right property within your budget here.

  4. Local Cuisine

    One thing you will find in Turkey is their wonderful traditional cuisine. Tasty mezzes, desserts and kebabs will seduce you to eat out every day! The best culinary delight in Marmaris is their amazing fish menus. Make sure you order the huge seafood platters! Knowing that your fresh fish has been caught earlier in the day makes your meal even more appetising. Spend time to sample food at every restaurant in the vicinity. You won’t be disappointed!

  5. Shopping Choices

    You’ll find a range of shops to browse around when you’re not enjoying the beach life. Choose from handmade souvenirs or jewellery, clothes or bags. It’s a shopaholic’s destination. There are boutiques, shopping malls and local markets to shop until you drop! It’s easy to spoil yourself with global luxury items. You’ll easily be able to decorate your new home with some local treasures. What’s more, you’ll find ultra bargain prices and can even haggle for some great deals. This is especially easy during the off season months.

  6. Stunning Attractions

    There are enough local attractions to charm you in Marmaris. Anyone can find their dream property for sale – Marmaris, Turkey has so much appeal. Exploring the impressive Marmaris Castle and Museum is not be to missed. It’s worth the visit just for their great views of the Old Town and marina. Then again, hop on a short cruise to Icmeler Bay. Here, you can experience a relaxed atmosphere or romantic dinner. For a day trip head to Dalyan to see the ancient rock formations. While you’re there, a river cruise will take you to peek at the endangered turtles. Further afield, visit Pamukkale’s natural pools or the historic site of Efes.

  7. Affordable Living

    Compared to most other European countries, the cost of living is low in Turkey. As a result, you’re bound to get great value for your money. While it’s necessary to pay for private healthcare, general living expenses are inexpensive. They can contribute to an affordable, upmarket lifestyle. With everything on your doorstep, you can’t fault Marmaris’ facilities. Unlike other countries, overseas pensions are not taxable in Turkey. Therefore, living in Marmaris can be a comfortable and secure one. Choose what you want to do when you want to do it!

  8. Spas and Wellness

    When you’re not strolling around the shops or the waterfront choose a wellness centre. It’s ideal to escape the crowds and enjoy a relaxing spa experience. There are a number of spa hotels and traditional Turkish Hamams. Most offer an impressive choice of peaceful treatments. Indulge in massages, scrubs, therapies and saunas. However, if you want something different, travel to Dalyan for the mud baths. Both choices are a great pampering experience.

  9. Year Round Resort

    With 300 days of sunshine, it’s no surprise that Marmaris is popular all year round. This is a great advantage to buying property for sale – Marmaris, Turkey hardly has any rain! The city itself splits between the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. As a result, you’ll always enjoy the sunshine. Plus, the surrounding mountains trap the warmth! Those wishing for a quieter time arrive during off-season without the crowds. Although winters are often rainy, they’re very short. However, there’s plenty to do off-peak.

  10. Community Living

    The most appealing attraction of Marmaris is the friendliness of locals. It’s easy to make friends while wandering around and exploring. In addition, the expat community here is already established. Therefore, it’s easy to meeting people and broaden your social life. Additionally, there are plenty of expat clubs and events to keep you busy. As a result, Marmaris will feel like it’s a home from home.

Marmaris is one of Turkey’s cosmopolitan tourist resorts. When looking at property for sale, Marmaris, Turkey offers you a fantastic quality of life. Whether you prefer beach life or culture, Marmaris has everything close by. Plus, local airports and new roads means it’s easily accessible all year. After all, Marmaris isn’t called King of the Coast for no reason!

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