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property for sale in Hisaronu

If you’ve heard of the Blue Lagoon in Turkey, chances are you’ll love Hisaronu. Once a quiet, small town, it is now the perfect tourist destination. It is the ideal place to relax and unwind. Property for sale in Hisaronu is affordable and lets you enjoy this amazing location.

Despite the iconic lagoon and lively party scene, Hisaronu is still relatively unknown. It’s not too crowded with tourists. But it has a great selection of restaurants, pubs, and shops to choose from. If you want to buy a property here, read on!

What Kinds of Property Are Available in Hisaronu?

Hisaronu is a village on the Turkish Riveria that has recently started to gain a reputation as a party town. While you’ll still find plenty of quiet spots, there’s a large number of pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants and shops to visit. The development of the village now provides more investment opportunities.

You will find a number of types of residential property for sale in Hisaronu. While it has recently emerged as a party town, Hisaronu remains an attractive place for a holiday home or for retirement. Property for sale in Hisaronu ranges from apartments to villas within a large price range.

If you don’t want your holiday home to be empty some of the time, there are a host of young couples and families looking for accommodation for their holiday in this gorgeous village. You could buy an investment property to rent out full time for passive income. Alternatively, you could buy a holiday home and then let it to holiday makers some of the time for extra cash.

Why Buy A Property in Hisaronu?

Turkey is a beautiful country. Every area in this exciting tourist destination is filled with beautiful landscapes and attractions. This can make it very hard to decide where to buy a property. While there are many other nice spots to buy property in Turkey, here are some reasons why Hisaronu could be the place for you!


Whether you’re looking for a vacation home or a place to retire, Hisaronu is the perfect spot! Hisaronu is right next to the iconic Blue Lagoon. The famous beach and landmark may be popular tourist destinations but they are surprisingly relaxing places to spend an afternoon or evening.

Sea-facing properties here are simply idyllic. There are only a few things as tranquil as waking up to a breeze and the blue sea! If you want to spend your time in a serene location with the ideal climate, Hisaronu will be perfect for you.

Surrounding Cities

Hisaronu is a secluded village, but it is easily accessible to the cities around it. They aren’t so close that it hinders the village feeling. On the other hand, they are close enough to make quick trips for essentials!

Local businesses in Hisaronu include a variety of restaurants, pubs, and tourist shops. You can will a range of food, both local and international. The attractions here will keep you well-occupied. The shops are full of souvenirs and knick-knacks to give to your loved ones or take home with you.

The surrounding cities and towns are also great for getting a taste of life as a local. The busy streets and easily accessible street food will have you full and still hungry for more!

Tourist Hub

The iconic lagoon located so close to this tranquil village means it is slowly turning into a tourist destination. The town is seeing more and more tourists each year, causing it to develop rapidly. There are also a host of restaurants, pubs and clubs to explore.

The tourist population also means that there are plenty of opportunities to rent out your home if you’re gone for long periods. This is perfect for generating so passive income! You are guaranteed to have visitors clamouring to stay at your property.


Property for sale in Hisaronu is not as expensive as other parts of Turkey, not to mention other European locations. The village was for so long a hidden gem. The lack of exposure means that the prices for properties are still low. You can get exquisite beachside properties for a steal.

Tips for Buying A Property in Hisaronu

Buying property in Hisaronu as a non-resident isn’t very hard. But here are a few tips before you commit to a sale.

Hire a Solicitor

It is helpful to have a solicitor by your side who you can consult through the whole transaction. While you usually have to be present for the sale, exceptions can be made where your solicitor acts on your behalf in your absence. Your solicitor is also helpful as Turkey’s laws and language may not be easy for everyone to grasp.

Real Estate Agent

While it’s not hard to come across stunning properties in Hisaronu, a real estate agent can be extremely helpful. They can show you the best properties, bargain for better deals, and navigate the surrounding area better as a local!

Mortgages are available

Turkey now offers mortgages for non-residents to buy properties. While they are available and easy to access, it is a lot more expensive than the UK. If you’re from the UK, then buying a property outright will be the better option. Luckily, this is possible here as property is so affordable!


The scenic view from your villa in Hisaronu isn’t the only factor you need to consider. Make sure to keep the accessibility of the property you’re purchasing in mind. Assess how easily your property will be in terms of getting supplies. And also how easy it is to reach from major highways and airports. Luckily, Hisaronu’s location means most properties are easily accessible.


Hisaronu may be a bustling party town, but the facilities are still that of a developing town. When buying property on the gorgeous beachside, check the facilities it offers. Make sure that access to water and plumbing is adequate so as not to run into problems later on!

Summing Up

Everyone needs that one getaway, and nothing is better than Hisaronu. The small town is the perfect mixture of quiet and lively. It has a great selection of shops and restaurants to choose from and iconic landmarks to visit.  Property for sale in Hisaronu is the ideal choice for anybody looking for the perfect holiday home. It’s also a great option for retirees and expats.




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