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Apartments for Sale Hisaronu

If you’re an expat in Turkey looking for apartments for sale, Hisaronu could be the perfect option. Located in the western extreme of the Turkish Mediterranean, Hisaronu has something for everyone. Gorgeous views, fantastic weather year-round, and a vibrant nightlife all contribute to why so many expats call this slice of heaven home. 

Things to Consider Before Investing in an Apartment in Hisaronu

Buying property anywhere requires careful consideration. There are so many things that can go wrong with property investment. To prepare, you should try to be aware of everything that might affect your investment. This can include the property market in the area, how popular it is during high season, and any risks unique to the location. 

For this reason, you should think what you want to get out of your property. If you’re looking for investment apartments for sale, Hisaronu is a fantastic location that will undoubtedly give you returns. Conversely, buyers looking for a holiday or retirement home will find Hisaronu is similarly attractive.

Cost of an Apartment in Hisaronu

Although you might think owning an apartment on the Mediterranean is an expensive venture, it’s actually quite affordable. Turkish property is famously inexpensive to invest in. The quality of life that a Mediterranean lifestyle provides is next to none, especially for the price you’re paying. 

The average cost of an apartment in Hisaronu is around USD 100,000. Your investment cost could be higher or lower than this depending on how much work the property needs. However, you can expect to pay no more than $175,000 for a pristine apartment in the area.  

In terms of the availability of apartments for sale, Hisaronu is fairly limited. There hasn’t been as much development in recent years compared to other areas of the Turkish Mediterranean. With limited space for new development, investors typically jump at the chance for a new apartment in Hisaronu. 

Types of Apartments for Sale, Hisaronu

There are two main types of properties for sale in Hisaronu; villas and apartments. Alternatively, there are some townhouses, but these have become fewer and farther between as the years go on.

Apartments in Hisaronu are either duplexes or situated within a larger housing complex. These often come with a shared swimming pool, security, and other amenities that everyone in the complex can enjoy. 

Although you can find entire duplexes for sale, it’s more common to find individual apartments available within the building. The price of around USD 100,000 is for a single apartment in the duplex. 

These types of apartments are commonly spacious and multilevel. Indeed, flats often come with three floors. By British and American standards, Turkish apartments often feel more like small houses. 

Why You Should Invest Now

The Turkish government is making it easier than ever for expats to buy apartments for sale, Hisaronu being no exception. Although flats might still be cheap in Turkey, that could change over the next few years. There’s no better time to invest in your dream apartment on the Mediterranean than today!

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