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Property for sale in Didim

When you are looking for a holiday home in a big and diverse country such as Turkey, you will easily come across a myriad of options. Whether you enjoy a big buzzing city or a relaxed lifestyle by the seaside, Turkey has you covered. We recommend you choose the location according to the lifestyle and climate you prefer. Our selection, Didim, the coastal town with around 50,000 inhabitants, is the perfect destination for people looking for a peaceful summer holiday town. This beautiful ancient town is located by the Mediterranean sea, just around 120 kilometres south of Izmir. The proximity to the sea and rich history are just some of the reasons why you should start looking for property for sale in Didim. Continue reading below and learn more about why you too should invest in property in Didim.

1.  Perfect weather for the summer holiday

In Didim, you get to enjoy a pleasant Mediterranean climate. Summer, from June to September, is the best time to visit Didim with low precipitation and the average daily temperatures being around 34°C. During the winter it gets rainier and the temperatures drop to around 10 C. The air in Didim is dry all year round making the temperatures feel cooler than they are.

2.  Enjoy the clear blue sea and sandy beaches

The most popular areas for holiday housing are located in the west part of the town by the sea. With the long sandy beaches and clear blue water, it is no wonder. When you are looking for property for sale in Didim you will find many options in the central area called Altınkum. Here you can find both beautiful villas by the sea and apartments in the centre of town. All within walking distance to the beach!

3.  Explore the historic sites from Ancient times

In Didim, you can find multiple historic sites, and the town itself is the site for the ancient city of Didyma. The most famous historic site is the ruins of the Temple Apollo at Didyma, 20 kilometres northwest of the city of Didim. It is one of the best-preserved temples of classical antiquity. Here you can also find the ruins of a Greek theatre and parts of the Hellenistic Temple of Artemis.

4.  Find the European communities

Since the beginning of the 2000s many Europeans, including British people, have started to buy holiday properties in Didim. As a result, there are currently lively European communities in the city. As a curiosity of the town, and thanks to the big number of British tourists, nowadays you can also get your utility bills in English!

5.  Less than 2 hours drive away from Izmir Airport

If you decide to buy a holiday home in Didim, the best way to get there from Europe is through Izmir Airport. The driving distance from the airport to Didim is around 160 kilometres. You can rent a car or get a taxi at the airport, both options are affordable and readily available!

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