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Property for sale in Dalyan

If you’re thinking of buying a property for sale in Dalyan, then you couldn’t choose a better escape from the world! Located in the Muğla region between Marmaris and Fethiye, Dalyan is an idyllic place to set up a home. Most famous for its rock tombs, local beaches and winding river waterways, what’s not to love? The local area offers a range of properties for sale with varying prices to suit your budget. Carry on reading to find out more about this little Turkish gem of a town.

Why choose Dalyan?

The beauty of Dalyan will meet all your expectations as a place to retire to or use for a getaway. Buying a property in Dalyan will provide you with untouched beauty right on your doorstep. From healing waters to boat tours, unspoilt beaches with protected sea turtles or tourist resorts, Dalyan has it all! Alternatively, enjoy lazy lunches in the sunshine with fabulous local cuisine, a temptation not to be missed!

Types of Property for sale in Dalyan

Dalyan has an abundance of different properties for sale in the locality. Whether you want a property for the summer months or live there full time, Dalyan will easily seduce you. Property for sale includes private apartments or those in complexes, with many having swimming pools too! Similarly, stunning villas of all sizes are very affordable depending on your price range and wishlist.

Quality of life in Dalyan

Dalyan has a Mediterranean climate for those wishing for a sun-kissed experience with clean air and blue skies. Although popular with tourists, this small town retains much of its traditional characteristics to guarantee an authentic Turkish lifestyle. Furthermore, crime rate statistics are relatively low which only adds to a friendly, local atmosphere for you to embrace.

Cost of living in Dalyan

The average person will see a vast improvement on their living expenses when relocating to Dalyan. While some costs will depend on your lifestyle, utility bills, food and socialising prices are inexpensive compared with Western counterparts. A top tip is to visit the weekly market where you can meet the locals and haggle for goods at bargain prices! From locally produced food to household goods, you’re bound to find something to buy every week.

Things to do in Dalyan

One of the main attractions of choosing to buy a property in Dalyan, is that it caters for all types of local tourism. Whether you prefer lounging on Iztuzu Beach or exploring the local wildlife, you’ll never run out of things to do! You won’t find sprawling hotel complexes here but instead, outstanding scenery in every direction.

Doing your research first is the first step to uncovering the delights of Dalyan. If you’ve been lured by its charm and are looking for property for sale in Dalyan, then you won’t be disappointed! And, with Dalyan International Airport only 30 minutes away, it’s so easy to visit your second home in Turkey anytime you wish.

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