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Property for Sale in Dalyan Turkey

Dalyan is located on a river delta and known for its narrow waterways surrounded by reed beds. The small town on the southwestern coast of Turkey also offers the beautiful Iztuzu beach. One of the fastest growing tourism centres in the region, Dalyan makes for the perfect place for a relaxed family holiday. If you fall in love with the area, or see it as an investment opportunity, there is plenty of property for sale in Dalyan, Turkey.  Dalyan is also a town with good transport links that lead to many nearby cities and towns, with the closest being Ortaca. this lovely town is situated far enough from a busy city but close enough to a town that offers services such as banks, bike shops, department stores and more. Dalyan is an ideal choice since it also has a low cost of living and quite affordable property too.

Local Tourism

You will be spoilt for choice of attractions in the area which are appealing to tourists.  The Ancient city of Kaunos is surrounded by its impressive remains including a theatre and Roman baths.
There’s also the Temple of Apollo and Agora. However, the most important and well-known symbol of Dalyan is its King tombs. They are genuinely awe-inspiring. All of the above-mentioned places and many more are the reasons why people want to visit Dalyan. As a popular tourist destination, acquiring property for sale in Dalyan, Turkey can be a lucrative investment.


If you’re looking to buy in Dalyan, preparation is everything. First of all you need to understand the process and the legalities of buying in Turkey.  Most importantly, buying property for sale in Dalyan Turkey requires having a good agent. The right agent understands your requirements and doesn’t sound like they are reading from a sales pitch. An agent that understands the region of Dalyan as well as your requirements should be the ideal one.

At the Turkish Property Agents we can introduce you to long-standing and experienced independent agents who cover the Dalyan area and help you with your search.

What to Expect

If you are someone who is looking for a slice of Turkish tradition and community, buying property for sale in Dalyan Turkey could be a good choice. Unlike Turkey’s other coastal cities, Dalyan is a small traditional Turkish town with a population over 5,500. It feels like a manageable, friendly environment. Wonderful for holidays, but even more wonderful to own a holiday home in this area.

Geographically, the area around Dalyan is full of natural beauty. Stop anyone on the streets of Ankara or Istanbul and ask them about Dalyan. They are likely to smile and respond with “beautiful”. The majestic scenery combined with Dalyan sunshine will make your days there even better. Wildlife flourishes in Dalyan and so does the local flora. Nothing can match the beauty of the Dalyan River and Lake Koycegiz. Both are home to turtles and blue crabs which you can also find along the coast of Iztuzu beach. The famous Dalyan Turtle Beach is a renowned conservation area and one of the last nesting areas for the endangered Loggerhead turtles.

Holiday/Permanent Home…

As a popular Turkish resort, Dalyan attracts British investors and holiday home hunters.  Prices are similar to the Calis Beach area of Fethiye, with a 2 bedroom apartment (and shared swimming pool) for sale at £60-£70k in Dalyan.

Both new and resales villas are available in Dalyan, with a number of exclusive residential developments. These villas are generally in their own grounds with a private or shared pool. 3 bedroom villas in modest/average condition with a private pool range from £120k. If you’re looking for something immaculate which needs no work, prices will be around £200k to £350k depending on the size and spec.

…or an Investment

If you are looking to buy a property in Dalyan as an investment, rental yields are strong. Generally the quality of the villas and apartments is very good. Local services, including shops, restaurants and healthcare, are readily-accessible. It is also considered a very safe environment for tourists and residents alike.

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