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Dalyan property for sale

A river runs through it. That’s what you should keep in mind when looking for Dalyan property for sale. Have you always dreamed of living in a coastal town rich in marine life, history, and riverside living? Dalyan may well be the answer to your life goals.

To begin with, the sparkling emerald waters of the Dalyan River is where most of the town’s daily activities happen. Tourist boats run along the calm waters daily, taking people to Iztuzu Beach. This stunning stretch of soft sand beach is about 6 kilometres long. Also known as the ‘Turtle Beach’,  it is famous for being home to endangered loggerhead sea turtles.  Secondly, you can find the ancient city of Kaunos on the other side of the river.  The famous Kings’ Tombs stand 152 metres above sea level in this hill. This ancient walled city is considered one of Turkey’s most iconic sights.

Protected Paradise

A blissful beach by the Mediterranean sea. A charming river with a historic backdrop. This powerful combination makes up Dalyan’s interesting character. Therefore, it’s not hard to see why over 5,000 people choose to settle in Dalyan.  Dalyan was the subject of a legal battle in 1986.  Developers planned to build a hotel along Iztuzu beach. However, the endangered loggerhead turtles use the beach to hatch. Conservationists then jumped to the rescue and won. As a result, most of Dalyan is under a Special Environment Protection Area.

What it Means for Property Buyers and Visitors

This is amazing news if you are looking for Dalyan property for sale.  Because most of the area is government-protected, you are guaranteed to enjoy the idyllic life.  This means that you don’t have to worry about construction changing the landscape.  As a result, visitors return to Dalyan knowing that they can return to the same town. The special protection law makes Dalyan refreshingly free from over tourism. This is what makes Dalyan so special.  Therefore, Dalyan has become a popular choice to for property buyers, whether it’s for investment or personal residence.

The Dalyan Lifestyle

British and other foreigners who opt to live and holiday in Dalyan enjoy a quiet, Turkish village life. Dalyan has a low level of development because of protection laws. For this reason, Dalyan is a nice halfway point between a resort town and a fishing village.

Here’s a tip: Brush up on your bargaining skills.  Every Saturday, a huge weekly market is set up in town. Residents and visitors gather here to purchase local products. Or you can simply relax and mingle with people.  If that doesn’t sound tempting enough, Dalyan’s weather might seal the deal for you!  Enjoy moderate temperatures year-round. The highest peaks at just over 30 degrees Celsius, and it rarely gets lower than 15 degrees Celsius.

Last but not the least, Dalyan is located just 30 minutes from the Dalaman International Airport. Browse our Dalyan properties and enjoy a taste of the sunny side of village life!

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