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Cheap Turkish Property for Sale

Turkey is a great place that attracts millions of people each year. Being a great vacation spot, many people often find that they have fallen in love with the landscape, sights, and sounds. These, and many more are reasons why people look for cheap Turkish property for sale.

Buying Turkish Property For Sale

Turkey offers a cheaper cost of living and housing. This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages for property buyers.  Most Brits have cited the lower cost of living as one of the major reasons behind relocating to Turkey.

When planning on purchasing a property in Turkey, you must explore the different areas and neighbourhoods. By doing this, you stand a better chance of selecting the best neighbourhood based on your specific wants, amenities, and interests.

Rest assured that Turkey isn’t lacking in the area of serene and inviting neighbourhoods. With many special coastal towns and resorts located along the Aegean/Mediterranean, buyers stand a chance to choose properties along the 700-kilometer coast which spans from Cesme in the north to Alanya.

City or Coast?

The coastal areas are by far the most popular places to purchase a property. Many are not only drawn in by the offerings, but they are also interested in the names. Wouldn’t you be delighted to be living in a place called the Turquoise Coast? Those living on this coast can attest to the stunning beauty of the Mediterranean stretch of sand called the Olu Deniz.

People who are more interested in the social lifestyle while combining it with beach life will find areas that offer them the very best mix of both worlds. Those living in areas like Bodrum will also have access to a mix of classical history and the beach lifestyle. Bodrum is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

While many come into Turkey and fall in love with the beaches, it isn’t just the beaches that have them looking for cheap Turkish property for sale. Many visitors and residents find more fun engaging in skis at the ski resort close to Fethiye. Other adventures promised include hiking, white-water rafting, paragliding, and more. As a Muslim country, Turkey is the place to be if your idea of fun is on the moderate side.

The British are the biggest overseas property buyers in Turkey. This is not to say that there aren’t other nationals who have invested in the Turkish economy by purchasing properties. Most overseas buyers favour homes along the Mediterranean coast. This is due to the large English-speaking population and access to English-speaking property agents and professionals like lawyers. There are, however, other areas like Istanbul and Izmir that offer affordable housing options too.

Where To Buy Turkish Properties

Several areas offer different experiences to buyers, depending on what they want. Below are some of the common areas to explore when researching cheap Turkish property for sale.


Bodrum is probably the most popular area on the stretch of coast known for its fashionable amenities. People who buy properties in this area enjoy the perks of a luxury hotspot. The area boasts several 5-star hotels that are perfect for luxury holidaying experiences.

Bodrum is 25-miles long and offers a mix of all worlds.  Enjoy the classy marina towns and the small fishing villages. Depending on where you find yourself, Bodrum has some areas that are more Turkish than others.  If you are more interested in mixing with the wealthy locals, Turbuku is the place to be. You may also explore the offerings of Yalikavak which offers an evolving cosmopolitan resort experience.

Rest assured that Bodrum has something for you, irrespective of your budget. Sea view apartments may cost about £150,000 to £200,000. A penthouse and a small villa may cost an average of £90,000 to £150,000 respectively.

Gumbert and Gulluk is another area that is often found to be affordable. Apartments in this area cost less than £50,000 and offer access to all resorts and the international airport.

Another area to consider is Marmaris. Marmaris is popular for its retiree population. Small villas and apartments in this area cost about £80,000 and £55,000 respectively.


When considering Fethiye, you may want to give priority to Dalaman, a buying area where apartments cost about £40,000. You can also secure a three-bedroom detached villa with a pool in the Dalyan area for about £150,000.  Fethiye, a city and district, has been a great pick for most Brits who come into the area. Boasting Calis, Ovacik, and Hisaronu, properties available here can be purchased for a little over £50,000.

Fethiye is also famous for Ölüdeniz. Ölüdeniz is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. Located away from the stretch, buyers will find studio apartments from £35,000 and upward. For those interested in villas with private pools and other amenities, a starting budget of £140,000 is needed.

Ovacik has a new shopping mall and aquapark. These have significantly raised property prices to about £50,000 for apartments and £100,000 for villas.

Uzumlu is a 15-kilometer island from Fethiye. A wine-growing town that appeals more to those in search of the nightlife, bars, clubs, and more. Buying a three-bedroom villa here costs about £100,000. However, there is also the option of Ottoman-style cottages that come cheaper.

Kalkan and Kas

Looking for a classy resort to find cheap Turkish property for sale? Kalkan and Kas are the place to be. This area boasts a larger percentage of older and wealthier residents. Kalkan and Kas also offer the traditional Turkish experience.

While this is a great place to rent villas, especially as a newcomer, you can expect to find properties that are about £400,000 in price. The good news is, you can always negotiate prices to between £200,000 and £300,000.


If you find Kalkan and Kas to be a bit on the high side, traveling east towards Antalya offers you an attractive range of ancient ruins. Known as the destination for golfers, you will certainly find modern apartments starting from around £45,000. A two-bedroom apartment and duplex may cost around £60,000 and £90,000 respectively. If you are more interested in a villa, get your budget up to about £150,000.

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