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Houses for Sale in Antalya Turkey

Old world charm and coastal living. A friendly expat community. A healthier and better lifestyle. Do these all sound appealing to you? Then you should consider looking at houses for sale in Antalya Turkey.

 Mountains and the Sea

Antlaya is a popular Turkish resort city in the southern coast of the country. It is the largest Turkish city on the Mediterranean Coast.  On top of this, Antalya is also the capital of the Turkish Mediterranean coast.  There are grand views of the harbour and the Mediterranean Sea. And on the other side lies the majestic Taurus mountain ranges.  Consequently, this is the main reason why many expats opt to shop for houses for sale in Antalya Turkey.

 A Friendly Expat Community

Foreigners make up 10 percent of residents in Antalya. This makes Antalya the fifth city in Turkey with the highest number of foreign residents.

Because of this, moving to and buying a property in Antalya is a painless process. There is a well-established expat community in Antalya.

What’s more, there are already different expat clubs in place.

For example, there’s a walking club that enjoys daily strolls around the harbour.  And if you’re more sporty, there’s a club that plays golf weekly in the nearby golf town Belek.

 Historic Sites and Beaches

Antalya has had a rich background pre-Roman empire. King Attalus II established a harbour town and based his naval fleet there. When the Romans took over, Antalya quickly grew into a busy city. Emperor Hadrian himself visited Antalya in 130AD. This event was so celebrated that they built an arch known as Hadrian’s Gate. In fact, It still stands in Antalya today and is a top tourist attraction. This is just one of the many Roman Empire ruins you can see around Antalya.

On the whole, Antalya has a great combination of seaside views and historic ruins.

An overall better lifestyle

When asked what they enjoy most about living in Antalya, British expats have a lot to say.

First of all, the low cost of living is inviting. Your money will surely go a long way in Antalya. For example, monthly bills including internet are on average about €100.  As a matter of fact, for a reasonable cost, you can have your very own villa or house in Antalya that overlooks the Mediterranean sea.   Second, you can dine out and enjoy a Mediterranean diet daily. Because of the sea breeze and improved diet, many expats enjoy a boost in their health and quality of living.

To sum it up, many enjoy a better quality of life for a lower cost.

Enviable Weather and Location

Antalya Airport is just 15 kilometres away from the main city of Antalya. Flights to and from the UK are convenient. Easy Jet, Jet2, Pegasus and Turkish Airlines all fly between Stanstead or Gatwick to Antalya.

Finally, because Antalya is located on the southern coast, residents can enjoy a year-round ideal climate. Therefore, there is lower rainfall density here and the winters are warmer. Honestly, we don’t know why you’re not packing already! Browse our properties and houses for sale in Antalya Turkey now.

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