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Property for Sale in Dalyan Turkey

Property for Sale in Dalyan Turkey – What to Expect

Dalyan is located on a river delta and known for its narrow waterways surrounded by reed beds. The small town on the southwestern coast of Turkey also offers the beautiful Iztuzu beach. One of the fastest growing tourism centres in the region, Dalyan makes for the perfect place for a relaxed family holiday. If you fall in love with the area, or see it as an investment opportunity, there is plenty of property for sale in Dalyan, Turkey.  Dalyan is also a town with good transport links that lead to many nearby cities and towns, with the closest being Ortaca. this lovely town is situated far enough from a busy city but close enough to a town that offers services such as banks, bike shops, department stores and more. Dalyan is an ideal choice since it also has a low cost of living and quite affordable property too. Local Tourism You will be spoilt for choice of attractions in the area which are appealing to tourists.  The Ancient city of Kaunos is surrounded by its impressive remains including a theatre and Roman baths. There’s also the Temple of Apollo and Agora. However, the most important and well-known symbol of Dalyan is …

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Apartments for Sale Hisaronu

Apartments for Sale, Hisaronu

If you’re an expat in Turkey looking for apartments for sale, Hisaronu could be the perfect option. Located in the western extreme of the Turkish Mediterranean, Hisaronu has something for everyone. Gorgeous views, fantastic weather year-round, and a vibrant nightlife all contribute to why so many expats call this slice of heaven home.  Things to Consider Before Investing in an Apartment in Hisaronu Buying property anywhere requires careful consideration. There are so many things that can go wrong with property investment. To prepare, you should try to be aware of everything that might affect your investment. This can include the property market in the area, how popular it is during high season, and any risks unique to the location.  For this reason, you should think what you want to get out of your property. If you’re looking for investment apartments for sale, Hisaronu is a fantastic location that will undoubtedly give you returns. Conversely, buyers looking for a holiday or retirement home will find Hisaronu is similarly attractive. Cost of an Apartment in Hisaronu Although you might think owning an apartment on the Mediterranean is an expensive venture, it’s actually quite affordable. Turkish property is famously inexpensive to invest in. …

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Property for Sale in Didim Turkey

Property for Sale in Didim, Turkey – Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate in Didim

Are you planning to invest in real estate overseas? Consider investing in property for Sale in Didim, Turkey. The country is currently attracting a growing number of foreign investment, and many private investors are also getting into the local real estate markets. Didim, a small holiday town two hours south of Izmir, has one of the most promising markets. And why wouldn’t it? People keep coming back to enjoy the long beautiful beaches and the rich cultural heritage of the city. Didim is also one of the up-and-coming places for Europeans setting up their second home. Currently, the city hosts approximately 1,000 expats and the community is getting bigger every year. You can also find a wide range of services in English all year round. Below, we have listed the top 3 reasons why you should also consider buying property in Didim, Turkey. 1.  Prices for Fully-Equipped Homes Start at €40,000 When you are looking for property for sale in Didim, Turkey, you will find that this small coastal town has properties for every taste and wallet. Whether you are looking for a comfortable villa or practical condo, the prices for fully-equipped homes start at €40,000. And by fully-equipped, we …

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Property for sale Akbuk

5 Great Reasons to Buy Property for Sale: Akbuk

When you look for property for sale, Akbuk could be one of the best decisions you make! A small resort, it boasts some of the cleanest air and natural beauty. In addition, you’ll enjoy stunning views of the Kiran Mountains. Throw in crystal clear waters and magnificent beaches; it’s easy to feel refreshed in this idyllic resort. If you’re not convinced just yet, here are five great reasons to excite you to consider this little, Turkish gem. Akbuk Resort What was a small fishing village is now a quiet, but popular resort with those who know. While it doesn’t have the usual bustle associated with resorts, it does have a delightful marina and bay. If it’s sandy beaches you want, the bay stretches out for 11 km! Furthermore, the promenade offers great entertainment from the bars and restaurants. It’s almost like the land that time forgot here. You’ll soon fall in love with its charming atmosphere. Affordable Property Akbuk is perfect for investors and holiday home buyers. Whether you’re looking for an apartment or villa, there are so many properties to entice you. Plus, they’re all so inexpensive compared to other European resorts. As well as fantastic choices of properties, …

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Dalaman Property for Sale

Why You Should Buy Dalaman Property for Sale

Are you thinking of investing in Dalaman property for sale? Whether you want a second home or a rental property, Dalaman is a fantastic choice! This area is extremely profitable for overseas investors. Situated in the Muğla Province, Dalaman is a great base for the region. There are so many reasons to take the plunge. So, here are five great tips to help you decide. Affordable Property Prices Dalaman offers a fantastic range of properties at great prices! Compared to France or Spain, you’ll get more for your money here. Choose a luxurious villa or modern apartment and you’ll easily find something within your price range. In addition, property taxes are very low in Turkey. Therefore, leaving more for you to spend on the perfect property. Imagine, you could even afford a new home with your own private swimming pool! Desirable Location You can’t fault the location of Dalaman for things to see and do! Think spectacular views, ancient sites, endangered turtles, fabulous beaches and even natural mud baths. Throw in boat trips, hikes and jeep tours and there’s fun for everybody. Being bored is not an option here! Its close proximity to Fethiye, Dalyan and Marmaris also means there’s …

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Didim Property for Sale

Why Buying Didim Property for Sale is a Great Move

If you’re after Didim property for sale, then you couldn’t choose a more idyllic location. This pretty coastal resort is popular with British expats and holidaymakers. Situated in the Aydın Province, it’s also on a peninsula. The province is famous for its stunning beaches, fascinating history and beautiful landscapes. Here are five reasons why Didum is a fantastic place to move to or have as a second home. Value for Money One of the major concerns when deciding where to live abroad is the cost of living. The great news is that Turkey is a very affordable country! This is especially true in comparison to other European countries. Not only are everyday expenses low but overseas pensions are not taxed in Turkey. Combine this with the lucrative opportunities for renting out your property and you’ll soon be living the high life! Plenty to See and Do Didum is a super destination for culture vultures. The most famous of these is the Temple of Apollo. The Temple is part of Didyma so there are many ancient ruins right on your doorstep! A short distance from the centre, this classical city certainly has the wow factor. While Didum is mostly flat, mountains …

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Hisaronu Villas for Sale

Hisaronu Villas for Sale

About Hisaronu… Hisaronu is a tourist resort village in Turkey. It’s quiet during the day but buzzing with nightlife! This scenic town in Fethiye offers a relaxing experience with exciting things to explore and quality family time.  Located on the western coast of Turkey, Hisaronu has a slightly cooler climate being higher up and winter rain is common. However, the climate is still generally warm, averaging 18.8 degrees. Hisaronu villas for sale… This colourful town offers many beautiful villas and is popular amongst investors.  Starting at around ₺200,000 Hisaronu villas for sale come complete and ready to move in. A typical 5-bedroom villa costs around ₺299,000 and is bright, spacious, open, and modern. They feature private gardens, a pool, and jacuzzis. Terraces, balconies, open-plan kitchens and living rooms also add to these classy villas. Furthermore, the properties are finished with high quality decorating, PVC windows, and security doors.  Importantly, shops and hospitals are located nearby, providing everyday essentials and great medical care.  What more could you want? Airports Firstly, Dalaman Airport is located 34km away from Hisaronu. Taxi hire, shuttle bus, private transfer, and car hire are available from the airport.  In addition, Bodrum airport is 150km from Hisaronu. Similarly to Dalaman, …

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Houses for Sale in Antalya Turkey

Here’s Why You Should Buy Houses For Sale in Antalya Turkey

Old world charm and coastal living. A friendly expat community. A healthier and better lifestyle. Do these all sound appealing to you? Then you should consider looking at houses for sale in Antalya Turkey.  Mountains and the Sea Antlaya is a popular Turkish resort city in the southern coast of the country. It is the largest Turkish city on the Mediterranean Coast.  On top of this, Antalya is also the capital of the Turkish Mediterranean coast.  There are grand views of the harbour and the Mediterranean Sea. And on the other side lies the majestic Taurus mountain ranges.  Consequently, this is the main reason why many expats opt to shop for houses for sale in Antalya Turkey.  A Friendly Expat Community Foreigners make up 10 percent of residents in Antalya. This makes Antalya the fifth city in Turkey with the highest number of foreign residents. Because of this, moving to and buying a property in Antalya is a painless process. There is a well-established expat community in Antalya. What’s more, there are already different expat clubs in place. For example, there’s a walking club that enjoys daily strolls around the harbour.  And if you’re more sporty, there’s a club that …

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Property for Sale in Altinkum Didim Turkey

Buyer’s Guide to Property for Sale in Altinkum Didim Turkey

Located on Turkey’s Aegean coast, Altinkum was once a small fishing village. It later merged with another small town called Didim. Today, Altinkum is close to all the popular night clubs, bazaars, and sandy beaches. Some may wonder: with great facilities all around, is it still possible to find a property for sale in Altinkum Didim Turkey? Yes, it is. As with any property investment, you need to look at your options. You have to consider the budget, the property, and decide if the location is the right fit for you. Keep reading to learn more about buying property for sale in Altinkum Didim Turkey. What Kinds of Property are Available in Altinkum Didim Turkey? One of the advantages of Altinkum Didim is that many properties have a beach view. Property for sale in Altinkum Didim Turkey is almost always sea-facing. You typically find multi-storeyed apartments and villas in Altinkum Didim to take in the gorgeous view. You’ll find luxury one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment complexes and villas that are right next to the beach. These are newly built with modern facilities that usually include a shared swimming pool. Although expensive, some villas come with their own garden and private facilities. …

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Turkish Apartments for Sale

Turkish Apartments for Sale: Places and Reasons to Invest

Turkey is growing into a premier location for investors, holiday-makers, and expats looking to build their property portfolio. As a result of a changing regulatory landscape, investing in Turkish apartments for sale has never been easier. Most people look to big cities such as Istanbul and Ankara when buying an aparmtne in Turkey. However, many others prefer a slower, more laid-back lifestyle in the rural areas of the country. If you are looking for an investment or retirement property in Turkey, there are many fantastic options to choose from.  That being said, there is such a variety of geographies across Turkey’s 81 provinces that you may be feeling overwhelmed. Indeed, you can choose from lush forests to pristine beaches, quaint mountain towns to bustling tourist destinations. There are many factors to consider before you choose the perfect Turkish property for your needs and lifestyle.   Best Places in Turkey to Invest Quiet Beaches of Kalkan Established in the southern Turkish Mediterranean, Kalkan is known as a quiet beach town popular for summer holidays. More so than other tourist destinations, Kalkan has retained a calm exclusivity that many investors wish to avoid spoiling. The area is hard-pressed to let go of its …

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Property for Sale in Hisaronu Turkey

7 Reasons to Look for a Property for Sale in Hisarönü Turkey

A laid back resort lifestyle, daily views of the Mediterranean, and lively evening strolls. Perhaps your idea of an overseas home is one that is far enough away but still has your creature comforts? Then you should consider looking for a property for sale in Hisarönü Turkey. An enviable location The stunning resort town of Hisarönü is located in the Fethiye district. It’s in the Western-most area of the Turkish side of the Mediterranean coast. Just where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean. Additionally, this area of Turkey has a naturally protected coastline. Therefore, it is home to some of the country’s best beaches and magnificent ruins.  Temperate weather year-round If you fancy a resort town but not the stifling hot weather, then Hisarönü will be a treat!  It doesn’t get too hot in Hisarönü. July is the hottest month with an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. And while there is winter in Hisarönü, it doesn’t get too cold either. The coldest month is January with an average temperature of 9 degrees Celsius. Home away from home And by that, we mean that it has a thriving British expat community. Foreign residents in Fethiye region number about 7,600. And it’s …

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Property for Sale in İçmeler Turkey

Property for sale in Icmeler Turkey – Why You Should Buy Here

Are you considering property for sale in Icmeler Turkey? If so, it would be a great choice! Approximately 10 kilometres from Marmaris, Icmeler is just across the bay. It’s surrounded by pine forestry and the sea. Icmeler certainly offers peace and tranquillity. It’s a relatively small resort. However, being so close to Marmaris means you have the best of both worlds! There are plenty of reasons why you should buy property here. To start you on your way, here’s the top five. Terrific Transportation When you’re looking for property you want to make sure it has great links for transport. Dalaman Airport is a little over 60 kilometres away and airlines run all year round. The town itself offers great transport links to Marmaris and beyond. Add all the boat trips available from both Icmeler and Marmaris too. You can even travel to Rhodes for the day by catamaran! Stunning Scenery  What’s not to love about having views of pine clad hills? There are plenty of fantastic places to take a hike. Alternatively, explore the lush green landscape on horseback or in a jeep. If you buy a property in Icmeler Turkey, the beach is likely to be only a …

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Property for Sale in Ovacık

Property for Sale in Ovacik Turkey

For many people, Turkey is one of the world’s leading travel destinations. From its vibrant culture to its rich heritage, it is home to some beautiful places. But have you considered buying property for sale in Ovacık, Turkey? Besides tourism, the country also has many real estate investment opportunities. With a thriving property market, Turkey may be the perfect location for your next investment. The small village of Ovacık in the Fethiye district represents the best Turkey has to offer. Located in the shadow of Mount Babadag, this village is also close to Ölüdeniz beach. For foreign investors, property for sale in Ovacık Turkey can have amazing benefits. Not least because of its high tourist appeal, but there are a host of other advantages. Read on for 8 great reasons to invest in a property in Ovacık! 1.  Ovacik Attracts Both Homeowners and Tourists In the past few years, we have changed how we take our holidays. Fewer people look to visit the world’s most famous cities and attractions. Instead, tourists look for a quiet escape. They seek quiet locations and beautiful landscapes. This is why the lovely village of Ovacık appeals to many residents and tourists alike! There is …

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Property for Sale in Üzümlü

Fantastic Reasons to Buy Property for Sale in Uzumlu

Are you considering buying property for sale in Üzümlü? If your answer is yes, then you’ve picked one of Turkey’s most desired destinations. It’s in the south of the country, close to Fethiye. This makes it a popular resort with overseas investors. Üzümlü also happens to be on the edges of the Nif Mountains. Being higher in altitude than Fethiye, it has a cooler climate during the hotter seasons. This is just one great reason to invest in a holiday let or second home. Read on to find out other fantastic reasons to buy a property in Üzümlü. A Turkish Tuscany Did you know the name Üzümlü actually translates into Yeşilüzümlü which means, ‘green grape’? This is because the village reflects the stunning mountains, forests and meadows. These would be the exact views you could be waking up to from your new home! Furthermore, the region produces excellent wine for you to enjoy. Vines decorate terraced homes; a common feature for properties in Üzümlü. Many of these traditional village properties also have Ottoman and Greek styles. Desirable Real Estate Üzümlü offers investors a less expensive option than the other districts in the Fethiye region. This is partially due to its …

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Property for sale in Didim

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Looking For Property for Sale in Didim

When you are looking for a holiday home in a big and diverse country such as Turkey, you will easily come across a myriad of options. Whether you enjoy a big buzzing city or a relaxed lifestyle by the seaside, Turkey has you covered. We recommend you choose the location according to the lifestyle and climate you prefer. Our selection, Didim, the coastal town with around 50,000 inhabitants, is the perfect destination for people looking for a peaceful summer holiday town. This beautiful ancient town is located by the Mediterranean sea, just around 120 kilometres south of Izmir. The proximity to the sea and rich history are just some of the reasons why you should start looking for property for sale in Didim. Continue reading below and learn more about why you too should invest in property in Didim. 1.  Perfect weather for the summer holiday In Didim, you get to enjoy a pleasant Mediterranean climate. Summer, from June to September, is the best time to visit Didim with low precipitation and the average daily temperatures being around 34°C. During the winter it gets rainier and the temperatures drop to around 10 C. The air in Didim is dry all …

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Villas for sale in Hisaronu

Villas for Sale in Hisarönü

Are you looking for a nice spot to buy a vacation home? Maybe you want a place to relocate to for a couple months out of the year. Or best of all, a place to move to year-round with great weather, amazing culture and even a good upside for investing. Then you should be looking at villas for sale in Hisarönü. Hisarönü is a beautiful tourist hot spot located to the south west of Marmaris city centre. Hisarönü is just an incredible place to have a residence. In addition, it has rugged landscapes, magnificent beaches and many attractions. All of which is perfect for so many people. Today we show you why you need to start putting your money away to buy one of the many villas for sale in Hisarönü. Gorgeous landscapes and beaches Hisarönü is the type of place we often find in travel magazines and brochures. Just imagine being able to live in a magazine spot whenever you like throughout the year. Because of its spectacular location you get to enjoy its out of this world scenery, especially when the sunset glows off the rocky hills. Lets not forget the crystal clear seas also. Hisarönü doesn’t have …

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Best Property Deals in Turkey

Frequently Asked Questions: “Where are the best property deals in Turkey?”

In our series of FAQs about buying property in Turkey, we look at where the best property deals in Turkey can be found, covering: Can I negotiate a discount? Are property prices rising, or even inflated? Away from the most popular areas, what other towns or villages should I consider? We draw on our own experienced from the Turkish property market. We also factor in those views of our partners and views of holiday-home owners and expatriates living in Turkey. There is a growing demand for property in Turkey from an international clientele. There has therefore been an effect on asking prices in many areas. Whilst still relatively cheap compared to the UK – and indeed other European countries – there has still been an increase in prices over the last couple of years. There’s no getting away from that. And that’s not a bad thing if you are buying for long-term capital appreciation. Equally, do not overlook the impact of the pandemic, particularly on the effect of pricing in rural areas. Many Turks are moving out of the large cities like Ankara and Istanbul due to coronavirus. The idea of country life with accessibility to nature is hugely appealing. …

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Villas for Sale Fethiye

12 Reasons to Buy Villas for Sale, Fethiye

Are you looking for villas for sale in Fethiye? If the answer is yes, then you’ve made a great decision! Located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, it consists of many resorts. Calis Beach, Kayakoy, Ölüdeniz, Hisaronu are just a few of them! A busy resort, it’s packed with tourists in the summer. However, most of the local expats spend time here all year round. It truly is a slice of heaven. There are plenty of reasons to consider buying property in Fethiye. The sea, beaches, nature and affordability all contribute to a sound investment. If this isn’t enough to convince you, here are more reasons. 1.  Activities It would be difficult to be bored in Fethiye! Historical sites, stunning beaches, busy markets and sea activities all await you. Alternatively, take a boat cruise or yacht charter to visit the pretty islands in Fethiye Bay. If you don’t fancy paragliding from Babadag Mountain, you can always watch the paragliders soar from the skies instead! With so many activities, entertainment is easy to find here! 2.  Old Town Mooch around Paspatur, Fethiye’s Old Town. You’ll find shaded streets packed with shops, stalls and eateries. Lap up the authentic atmosphere while having …

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Apartments for Sale in Marmaris

Say Hello to the Exciting Life: Apartments for Sale in Marmaris

The end of working days may sound like moments of solitude ahead. But for you, retirement means one thing: the party’s just begun. If your retirement plan consists of fun, adventure, and a dash of nature in between, then Marmaris is the place for you. We’ll help you look for apartments for sale in Marmaris. But first, let’s explore why this is such a grand idea. Why Marmaris? If Marmaris were a person, no doubt she would be teacher’s pet. Fun, smart, popular, good-looking and sporty. What’s not to like? Marmaris offers the complete package too. A bustling nightlife, stunning beaches, trendy restaurants, culture, exciting activities and more. It’s the perfect package that seems too good to be true. Except it’s not. Just ask the over 90,000 happy inhabitants of Marmaris. Marmaris: Popular the whole year round During the peak season of July to August, Marmaris’ population blows up to 250,000. March to September seems to be a popular time to visit Marmaris as tourists would have died down. In general, Marmaris is a favourite hot spot for both international and local tourists the whole year-round. So, if you’re eyeing apartments for sale in Marmaris, think of it as a …

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Cheap Property for Sale in Turkey

What You Should Know About Cheap Property for Sale in Turkey

More and more people are looking to buy a property overseas these days. As they do, increasing numbers of buyers are turning their attention to Turkey. Foreign buyers are attracted to cheap property for sale in Turkey, but there are many other benefits to buying a home here. Buying a property in Turkey is relatively easy to do. In fact, it has become easier in recent years thanks to changes to the local laws. However, it is important to know a few things before you decide to purchase a property. Let’s dive into what you should know about buying a property in Turkey. Why buy a property in Turkey? Turkey is becoming an increasingly popular place for foreign property buyers. And for good reason! Here are some of the many benefits of buying a property here. Cheap property Turkish real estate was pretty late in entering the global market. This has resulted in affordable properties which attract buyers from all over the world. High-quality properties are available for relatively cheap prices. This lets foreign buyers purchase properties without needing a loan. Long term investment Property prices in Turkey are lower than many other countries, such as Spain and France. This …

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Property for Sale in Side Turkey

Want to Buy Property for Sale in Side, Turkey?

Property for sale in Side, Turkey is highly desirable for foreign investors. A beautiful resort, Side is a former fishing village on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. It’s frequently compared to an open air museum due to its fortified ancient walls that surrounds the town. Here, you can enjoy the stunning beaches, friendly waterfront restaurants and shopping outlets. If you’re considering buying property in Side, there are many reasons to take the plunge and here’s five of them. Range of Properties Your property search will take you to view anything from luxury penthouses, modern apartments and opulent villas. The majority of properties have a private or shared pool area, usually within walking distance to the beaches or centre. Popular with holidaymakers, especially families, properties in Side promise a worthwhile investment. Whatever your budget is, you’re bound to find the perfect property for your requirements. Choose Your Beach Side resort has a choice of two main beaches: to the west and to the east of the peninsula. In addition, it has a small cove right in the centre of the village. East beach is the less busy of the two and a favourite by locals despite being more stoney. It’s protected by the …

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Property for Sale Üzümlü

Property For Sale Üzümlü: A Buyers’ Guide

Turkey of course has great property for sale: Üzümlü especially boasts excellent prices, fine locations and options galore.  It is a beautiful, rustic town where the historical charm of Turkey is at full effect. Üzümlü is appealing, but you how do you go about buying property here? It is important to carefully weigh up your options when you invest in property. The stakes are high, so you need to find the perfect choice. In this buyers’ guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about buying property for sale Üzümlü. Let’s get started! What Kinds of Property are Available in Üzümlü, Turkey? Üzümlü is a tranquil, traditional Turkish town, brimming with perfectly preserved Greek and Ottoman-style houses. Additionally, many of the original streets remain. Üzümlü means “Grape,” as many properties are close to vineyards. When you look at property for sale, Üzümlü, offers spectacular views and reasonably priced prospects, from plots to villas. Along with historic buildings, the town boasts a large number of newly-constructed houses. For example, you may find a detached villa with three bedrooms, a garden and picturesque views of the Nif mountains. Apart from that, there are resale apartments, ranging from one to four …

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Cheap Property for Sale in Antalya Turkey

Exploring Cheap Property for Sale in Antalya Turkey

Known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean, the province of Antalya in Turkey is renowned worldwide as a prime tourist destination. Drenched in sunshine and white sand beaches, it’s not hard to see why! But this gem along the Turkish Riviera is so much more than a beautiful place to pass through. Explore cheap property for sale in Antalya Turkey and claim a little piece of this paradise for yourself. How to find paradise… Firstly, whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the game, global real estate helps to diversify your portfolio. Global real estate markets may operate differently than the market where you live. You can capitalise on those differences when those markets – such as in regions like Antalya – are performing well. Investing in cheap property for sale in Antalya Turkey means stable income, whether you choose to rent or sell at a profit. In addition, a visit to Antalya is like a trip through time. The historic city centre of Kaleiçi houses a treasury of medieval Roman, Byzantine, and Muslim architecture. Walk the cobblestone streets to find ancient temples and beautiful monuments of all kinds. Stroll down to the Roman-era harbour to take in its …

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Property for Sale Marmaris Turkey

Property for Sale: Marmaris, Turkey – 10 Reasons to Buy

If you are looking at property for sale, Marmaris, Turkey offers plenty of investment opportunities to entice you. Marmaris is popular for holiday-makers, expats and investors. An idyllic location, Marmaris is on the southwestern coast of Turkey. Stunning coastline, natural beauty and a busy centre, all await you. There’s something for everyone’s tastes! It’s no wonder visitor numbers are increasing each year! Marinas with mouth-watering eateries all add to a slice of paradise. If this isn’t enough to convince you, here’s 10 more reasons. Mediterranean Lifestyle Imagine waking up for a stroll along golden beaches any day you choose. Then again, you might prefer morning coffee watching the fishing boats? If you own property in Marmaris you can do this whenever you want! The moment you arrive at this resort, you’ll feel welcomed. It’s a great chance to spend time in a warm climate. The choice of bars, restaurants and shops will keep you entertained every day. What’s not to love? Coastal Activities If you’re not keen on water sports, there are other relaxing activities. As well as sunbathing, try sailing or take a boat cruise to other areas. Moreover, all the beaches in Marmaris have Blue Flag status. You …

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Property for Sale in Altinkum

Property for Sale in Altinkum: Golden Sands and Ancient Sites

The name Altinkum literally means “golden sands”. And that’s exactly what there is plenty of in Altinkum. And if you fancy spending your golden years in golden sands, then you should read on. There are plenty of people looking for property for sale in Altinkum. Is it the call of the Aegean Sea? The relaxed beach lifestyle? Or the ancient ruins? Let’s find out. Altinkum is a seaside resort in western Turkey. Located along the Aegean Coast, people associate Altinkum with golden sands and ancient sites.  How do you get to Altinkum? It’s actually quite easy. First, you need to know that there are two airports that reach Altinkum. The nearest is Milas-Bodrum Airport, which is about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Altinkum. The other is Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, which is roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes’ drive from Altinkum. Secondly, it is easiest to fly out of London Stansted Airport (STN).  The lesser-known Pegasus Airlines flies direct to Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. A direct flight takes just under four hours.  From there, it is very easy and straightforward to book shuttle transfers to Altinkum. Altinkum and Didim The names Altinkum and Didim go hand in hand. People …

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Property for sale in Icmeler

Property for Sale In İçmeler- Living the luscious İçmeler lifestyle

As a result of its scenery, welcoming locals and cuisine, many fall in love with İçmeler after eyeing the location.  Many people want their own, tranquil paradise. Undoubtedly, most property for sale in İçmeler is built to promote a quiet lifestyle, surrounded by nature. It has a Mediterranean climate, 6.3k population and is ideal for families and couples.  As expected in summer, the climate can reach above 30C. However, more mild temperatures are experienced in the winter. İçmeler is a Municipality fishing village-turned-town only 15 years ago. It’s surrounded by blue waters and pine forests and is protected by an environmental law. Furthermore, İçmeler places huge emphasis on nature. Jeep Safaris are available as popular trips out, alongside boat rides. Things to experience in İçmeler First of all, İçmeler has a purpose of enjoyment. There’s pony-trekking, sightseeing, relaxing, mountain walking and more. A large proportion of property for sale in İçmeler is close to the beach.  It accommodates for water sports and is surrounded by restaurants for the delicious Turkish cuisine. Water-taxis to other beach locations are available. Furthermore, the nearest beach to İçmeler is Turunc beach, with shops and restaurants in walking distance. İçmeler Dolphin Park hosts a brilliant day …

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Property for Sale in Fethiye Turkey

Live the Expat Dream: Get a Property for Sale in Fethiye Turkey

Sunny, laid-back days in the Mediterranean. Daily strolls and swims in some of the world’s most stunning beaches. A vibrant harbour life amidst historical ruins.  Indeed, the expat dream life is truly valid in Fethiye.  Let’s explore the reasons why getting a property for sale in Fethiye Turkey may be your best investment yet. Location: Stunning and Sunny If you love sunny days and blue waters, Fethiye has the best seats in the house.  Fethiye is a natural harbour city located in Turkey’s southwestern Turquoise Coast. It’s in the Aegean region and is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Turkish Riviera. Fethiye’s landscape is known for miles of crystal blue waters, golden sands and thick forests in the backdrop. The views alone are enough reason to get a property for sale in Fethiye Turkey. Additionally, Fethiye’s location gives its residents plenty of sunshine yearly.  Though the region also has winters, the temperature isn’t too cold.  In fact, their winters only get down to around 8 degrees Celsius.  Their warmest month, July has an average maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.  Additionally, the summer months of July and August guarantee 100% days of sunshine. A Crowd Favourite Not …

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Property for Sale in Ölüdeniz

Escape to the Blue Lagoon! Property for Sale in Ölüdeniz

Beaches… Do you love long walks on a beach with crystal clear blue water? Are you ready to retire and sip cocktails as you watch a gorgeous sunset every night? Have you been on the hunt for a beautiful place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine? Well, search no more! There is a one-of-a-kind property for sale in Ölüdeniz, Turkey that could be a perfect fit for you! Searching for the perfect property can be a harrowing and stressful endeavour. Hours upon hours of clicking and agonising over the smallest details. The property for sale in Ölüdeniz can ease all that anguish – there are true gems out there! Whether you are looking for peace and relaxation, excitement and adventure, or both, Ölüdeniz, Turkey can provide it. Imagine owning property in a place where people only dream of going. Picture it. It could all be yours… Ölüdeniz is a village, situated on the southwest coast of Turkey. A quick flight from Istanbul, it’s known for its breath-taking scenic views and its famous blue lagoon, among other natural wonders. While a popular tourist destination during warmer months, it still only has a year round …

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Cheap Turkish Property for Sale

Cheap Turkish Property For Sale: A Buying Guide

Turkey is a great place that attracts millions of people each year. Being a great vacation spot, many people often find that they have fallen in love with the landscape, sights, and sounds. These, and many more are reasons why people look for cheap Turkish property for sale. Buying Turkish Property For Sale Turkey offers a cheaper cost of living and housing. This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages for property buyers.  Most Brits have cited the lower cost of living as one of the major reasons behind relocating to Turkey. When planning on purchasing a property in Turkey, you must explore the different areas and neighbourhoods. By doing this, you stand a better chance of selecting the best neighbourhood based on your specific wants, amenities, and interests. Rest assured that Turkey isn’t lacking in the area of serene and inviting neighbourhoods. With many special coastal towns and resorts located along the Aegean/Mediterranean, buyers stand a chance to choose properties along the 700-kilometer coast which spans from Cesme in the north to Alanya. City or Coast? The coastal areas are by far the most popular places to purchase a property. Many are not only drawn in by the offerings, …

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Property in Bodrum for Sale

What to Consider When Looking at Property in Bodrum for Sale

The real estate industry in Turkey is flourishing more than ever. Investors around the globe have their eyes set on lucrative property in Bodrum for sale. Bodrum is a fascinating coastal city in Turkey which is the perfect combination of ancient history and modern landscapes. Bodrum is an infusion of different cultures against a spectacular laid-back coastal city vibe. With so many options to choose from, properties in Bodrum are some of the most coveted real estate across Turkey. Are you looking to own some of the most desired real estate in Turkey? Then Bodrum is the right place for you! What Kinds Of Property Are Available in Bodrum? Bodrum has an extensive array of real estate properties you can choose from. Whether it is a relaxing holiday home with a pool or a high-ceiling studio apartment with remarkable ocean views, Bodrum has it all! Let’s go over some popular property in Bodrum for sale that you can get your hands on right now! Studio Apartment: These are one-bedroom that come with an open layout kitchen and a bathroom. 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 Apartments: In these you will get one, two or three separate bedrooms which will have a separate …

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Villas for Sale in Ovacik

Why You Should Buy Villas for Sale in Ovacik

Are you looking for villas for sale in Ovacik? If the answer is yes, then you couldn’t choose a more charming resort. It’s nestled in a picturesque valley near the Babadag Mountain. Ovacik really does have its own unique character! The resort has been modernised but it’s surrounded by unspoiled greenery. Plus, it’s only a stone’s throw away from the towns of Hisaronu and Fethiye. There are plenty of things you need to know before taking the leap. To get you started, here’s why you should buy property in Ovacik. Popular Destination Ovacik’s famous Blue Lagoon ensures it’s an idyllic destination. It boasts pine forestry and magnificent views. Before tourism, it was a small village, along with neighbouring Hisaronu. Nowadays, its home to many foreign investors looking for a peaceful lifestyle. Although Ovacik is more residential, you can escape to Hisaronu for a lively alternative. This means you have the best of both worlds! Fethiye is also a great distraction with its historical ruins, pretty harbour and shops. Choice of Villas The views in Ovacik are magnificent! The hillside is notably filled with the abundance of white villas. These modern villas will usually have a private pool. Ideal for those …

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property for sale in Hisaronu

Buyer’s Guide to Property for Sale in Hisaronu

If you’ve heard of the Blue Lagoon in Turkey, chances are you’ll love Hisaronu. Once a quiet, small town, it is now the perfect tourist destination. It is the ideal place to relax and unwind. Property for sale in Hisaronu is affordable and lets you enjoy this amazing location. Despite the iconic lagoon and lively party scene, Hisaronu is still relatively unknown. It’s not too crowded with tourists. But it has a great selection of restaurants, pubs, and shops to choose from. If you want to buy a property here, read on! What Kinds of Property Are Available in Hisaronu? Hisaronu is a village on the Turkish Riveria that has recently started to gain a reputation as a party town. While you’ll still find plenty of quiet spots, there’s a large number of pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants and shops to visit. The development of the village now provides more investment opportunities. You will find a number of types of residential property for sale in Hisaronu. While it has recently emerged as a party town, Hisaronu remains an attractive place for a holiday home or for retirement. Property for sale in Hisaronu ranges from apartments to villas within a large price …

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Dalyan property for sale

Dalyan Property for Sale: Historical and Protected Paradise

A river runs through it. That’s what you should keep in mind when looking for Dalyan property for sale. Have you always dreamed of living in a coastal town rich in marine life, history, and riverside living? Dalyan may well be the answer to your life goals. To begin with, the sparkling emerald waters of the Dalyan River is where most of the town’s daily activities happen. Tourist boats run along the calm waters daily, taking people to Iztuzu Beach. This stunning stretch of soft sand beach is about 6 kilometres long. Also known as the ‘Turtle Beach’,  it is famous for being home to endangered loggerhead sea turtles.  Secondly, you can find the ancient city of Kaunos on the other side of the river.  The famous Kings’ Tombs stand 152 metres above sea level in this hill. This ancient walled city is considered one of Turkey’s most iconic sights. Protected Paradise A blissful beach by the Mediterranean sea. A charming river with a historic backdrop. This powerful combination makes up Dalyan’s interesting character. Therefore, it’s not hard to see why over 5,000 people choose to settle in Dalyan.  Dalyan was the subject of a legal battle in 1986.  Developers planned to build …

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Best property deals in Turkey

Frequently Asked Questions: “Where are the best property deals in Turkey?”

In our series of FAQs about buying property in Turkey, we look at where the best property deals in Turkey can be found, covering: Can I negotiate a discount? Are property prices rising, or even inflated? Away from the most popular areas, what other towns or villages should I consider? We draw on our own experienced from the Turkish property market. We also factor in those views of our partners and views of holiday-home owners and expatriates living in Turkey. There is a growing demand for property in Turkey from an international clientele. There has therefore been an effect on asking prices in many areas. Whilst still relatively cheap compared to the UK – and indeed other European countries – there has still been an increase in prices over the last couple of years. There’s no getting away from that. And that’s not a bad thing if you are buying for long-term capital appreciation. Equally, do not overlook the impact of the pandemic, particularly on the effect of pricing in rural areas. Many Turks are moving out of the large cities like Ankara and Istanbul due to coronavirus. The idea of country life with accessibility to nature is hugely appealing. …

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Ovacik Property for Sale

Everything you should know about Ovacik property for sale

Ovacik is located in the thriving Fethiye region on the Turkish Riviera. Also known as the Turquoise Coast, this is an area of stunning natural beauty. It features beautiful coastline, lush hills and interesting history. Ovacik was once a small farming village. Now it has grown to a modern town that is popular with tourists and expats. Ovacik property for sale includes small apartments and luxury villas. The town is located at the base of Mount Babadag and close to the Blue Lagoon. Thus many properties have stunning natural views.   What kinds of property are available in Ovacik? Ovacik lies on a plateau in the shadow of Mount Babadag. It is an area of natural beauty, perfect for walks and outdoor activities. The lifestyle here is relaxed with just a few restaurants and bars. But it is close to the lively nightlife of Hisaronu and Fethiye. Despite the many modern apartments and hotels, the surrounding landscape is untouched. Ovacik property for sale covers a range of different types of homes. You’ll find compact apartments which are very affordable. These studios and one-bedroom apartments are perfect for singles and couples. Apartment complexes typically have landscaped gardens and swimming pools. Some …

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Property for sale in Dalyan

Why You Should Buy Property for Sale in Dalyan

If you’re thinking of buying a property for sale in Dalyan, then you couldn’t choose a better escape from the world! Located in the Muğla region between Marmaris and Fethiye, Dalyan is an idyllic place to set up a home. Most famous for its rock tombs, local beaches and winding river waterways, what’s not to love? The local area offers a range of properties for sale with varying prices to suit your budget. Carry on reading to find out more about this little Turkish gem of a town.   Why choose Dalyan? The beauty of Dalyan will meet all your expectations as a place to retire to or use for a getaway. Buying a property in Dalyan will provide you with untouched beauty right on your doorstep. From healing waters to boat tours, unspoilt beaches with protected sea turtles or tourist resorts, Dalyan has it all! Alternatively, enjoy lazy lunches in the sunshine with fabulous local cuisine, a temptation not to be missed!   Types of Property for sale in Dalyan Dalyan has an abundance of different properties for sale in the locality. Whether you want a property for the summer months or live there full time, Dalyan will easily …

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Property for sale in Marmaris

Why you should invest in a property for sale in Marmaris

They say that life begins at retirement, but we beg to disagree just a little. We say that life begins whenever you want it to, and one of the best places to do that is in Marmaris!  Marmaris is a resort town in the Turkish Riviera on the Mediterranean coast.  And life there can be as exciting or as laid-back as you want it to be.  Without further ado, here’s why we think it’s great to invest in a property for sale in Marmaris.   A Balanced Lifestyle of Fun, Sun and Relaxation There are plenty of cities in Turkey that are popular as a second home. And among them all, we reckon Marmaris wins the award for being the most well-rounded. Why?  First, let’s begin with Marmaris’ location. Marmaris is a sunny resort town on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. It boasts of 9 kilometres of sandy beaches. Marmaris is well-known for its wide variety of beachfront restaurants. And at night, it comes alive as the bars cater to every cuisine and music genre.  Second, the coastline of Marmaris is stunning and cruising is a popular way to spend the day or afternoon there. Plenty of foreign residents can easily hire a …

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Property for sale in Ovacik

The Ideal Expat Valley Life: Property for Sale in Ovacik

Far away from home, but not too wildly different or inconvenient. If that sounds like your ideal expat life, then you should set your eyes on Ovacik.  Stunning beaches, hillside villas, laid-back resort vibe, a thriving British community and more. We’ll discuss the reasons why moving to Ovacik would be a great idea.  Read on to see if it suits you, and we’ll help you find a property for sale in Ovacik.   Where is Ovacik? Ovacik is a small village in the Fetihye district on the Turkish Riviera. It’s located in the Mugla province in Turkey. Ovacik sits on a plateau that rises almost 2,000m above sea level.  Lush pine forests surround the area. On top of this, stunning views of hills and valley greet visitors and residents daily.  Ovacik is a quiet, residential area with an ideal location. It is just a stone’s throw away from the popular seaside towns of Fetihye and Oludeniz. This is the main reason why plenty of people search for property for sale in Ovacik.   How do you get to Ovacik? Dalaman is the nearest airport to Ovacik. It is an international airport which opened a new terminal in 2018. The flight …

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Property for Sale in Fethiye

Property for Sale in Fethiye: Everything you Need to Know

Fethiye is one of the most famous tourist hot spots on the Turkish Riviera. With a backdrop of green mountains and bright blue seas, this area is popular with expats and foreign investors. When it comes to property for sale in Fethiye, both the town and the region of the same name have a host of gorgeous properties to offer.   What Kinds of Properties are Available in Fethiye? The type of property for sale in Fethiye ranges from small apartments to luxurious villas. The centre and marina area of the city has plenty of affordable apartments. These are close to many bars, restaurants and shops. You’ll find stunning beachside villas in Oludeniz and remote properties in the mountains around Uzumlu. Properties like these make an excellent investment, as they are easy to rent out thanks to the steady stream of holidaymakers. They are suitable as holiday or full time homes for those wanting to enjoy everything the region has to offer. This thriving tourist region is full of history, culture and beautiful nature. In addition to this, it has a lively dining, nightlife and shopping scene. The most popular regions for property owners include: Fethiye city centre with its …

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Property for sale in Kalkan

Property for Sale in Kalkan – 10 Reasons to Buy

If you want an affordable, Mediterranean hideaway, then buying a property in Kalkan is the perfect solution. Situated in a stunning bay in the foothills of the Taurus Mountains, its traditional splendour will impress any visitor! Cobbled streets with boutiques and restaurants, famous beaches with coves and historical sites all await you. This up market resort is a win-win deal-breaker for holiday home buyers and property investors. Whether you want to buy a second home or own a rental, property for sale in Kalkan is certainly a lucrative investment. Here are ten reasons why it will be the right move for you. 1. Location, location location! With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, Kalkan should be top of your list for property investment! Nestled on the Southern Mediterranean coast, it lies between Kas and Fethiye. In addition to the spectacular sights of Kalkan, the local vicinity also brags fantastic days out. This old fishing town is close to many ancient Lycian sites, Ottoman towns, river gorges and of course, fabulous beaches. Buying a property in Kalkan will reward you with the opportunity for an ideal getaway amongst natural beauty. 2. Awesome Cosmopolitan Atmosphere The combination of a luxury …

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Guide to Buying Property in Turkey

As every estate agent and property seller will tell you, there’s never been a better time to buy property in Turkey. If you’re in the market for an apartment in Istanbul or a villa on the beautiful Turkish coast, you’ll want to make sure you’re fully informed. We’ve prepared a brief guide to buying property in Turkey to explain what you need to think about before, during and after the purchase has been completed. Every country has its own nuances when it comes to property sales, and Turkey is no different. We’ll give you an overview of the buying process – which we’ll go into more detail elsewhere on the site – as well as guidance on living and working in Turkey. Can foreigners buy property in Turkey? An important first question. Changes to state rules governing property ownership mean that most non-Turkish nationals (with some exceptions) can buy Turkish property. Most nationalities can buy property in Turkey including UK, US, European and Middle Eastern citizens. For most nationalities, a straightforward procedure is in place to make the property transaction as simple and easy as possible. The Turkish government encourages property investment from non-nationals – to the point that Turkish …

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Best places to own property in Turkey

Turkey is a vast country, spanning 81 provinces and eight very different geographical regions. If you’re looking to own property in Turkey, you could risk being overwhelmed by the choice. From the glamour of cosmopolitan Istanbul to the gloriously sunny seaside resorts of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, as well as thousands of rural, remote villages, there is something for everyone. It can be said that foreigners looking to own property in Turkey generally fall into three main categories: Istanbul Mediterranean Coast Aegean Coast For decades the South and West coasts have been a huge draw for both tourists and international buyers. With scorchingly hot summers, guaranteed sun from Easter to Autumn and mild winters, it is hardly surprising that the coastal resorts have been hugely popular. Communities in these towns, villages and resorts are less conservative and more multicultural. Istanbul, whilst not the capital of Turkey (don’t make that mistake!), is the largest city. As well as a timeless appeal to tourists, the modernisation and regeneration plans taking place across the city and its suburbs are appealing to expatriates and international property buyers. As the only city in the world in both Europe and Asia, it is a true …

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The Turkish property purchase process

Turkey has a rich, ancient and wonderful history. It also has an impressive cultural heritage. As if this wasn’t enough, international buyers and property investors love the gorgeous weather, exquisite beaches and crystal-blue waters. At the same time, for many Western property buyers the Turkish property purchase process is a huge unknown. In this article we’ll cover some of the key points that international buyers should be aware of. How and where can I buy property in Turkey? It is much easier to buy a home in Turkey than in many other European countries. In general, the Turkish government is very supportive of international real estate investment. The conveyancing process is also reasonably straightforward with a quick turnaround, which makes it attractive to investors. Title deeds are delivered in 4-6 weeks, which compared to other countries is remarkably quick. Another key factor Turkey’s global real estate success is the fact that the government allows citizenship by property investment. Property buyers must invest at least $250,000 in property, and keep it for at least three years. Then they can apply for Turkish citizenship. Property Purchase Procedure Stage 1 – Find a Property For international property investors, particularly those from the Middle …

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How to Buy Property in Turkey – Safely!

Buying property in any country as a foreign national requires research, trust and courage. For Britons seeking property abroad, Turkey seems a good option. Exchange rates are favourable, there has been a significant push by the Turkish government to encourage tourism and property investment, and it is easy to get to. Parts of the country – particularly along the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts – are very popular with holiday home buyers. Sadly, parts of the Turkish real estate industry don’t have a great reputation and are compared to Spain in the 1980s and 1990s. In this article we’ll explore how to buy property in Turkey without being ripped off. If you are seriously considering a property purchase in Turkey, here is the approach we would recommend to secure your ideal property, at the right price. Property in Turkey can be an excellent investment choice – but not all developments and estate agents are equal. Some are more equal than others. First of all, think location – location – location… Do your research. Which locations have a history of steady capital growth and look worth investing in? Which developers are trustworthy and which are cowboys looking to sell you the Emperor’ New Clothes? When …

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Best Places to Buy Property in Turkey

Best Places to Buy Property in Turkey

Have you been lucky enough to have jetted off to Turkey for a holiday and fallen in love with the country?  Or perhaps have made the decision to purchase a holiday home in Hisaronu or a permanent year-round property in Dalyan? Based on recommendations from friends and family, you are now searching for the best places to buy property in Turkey? Great news for potential buyers is that there are vast price differences from region to region. It’s highly likely there will be something to fit your budget and match your dreams. Turkey has many areas which attract foreign buyers because of its strong infrastructure. Furthermore, there is excellent airline provision into the 57 airports spread across the country.  A number of these popular regions are situated along the Aegean and western coasts. Who doesn’t want to buy their dream overseas property located near the sea?  With so many beautiful towns to choose from, it helps to have some background information with regards to the best places to buy property in Turkey. Best Places to Buy Property in Turkey: Istanbul Istanbul is Turkey’s most populous city and as well as being a business and financial hub, is packed with history, …

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