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Rural Property for Sale in Turkey

Rural Property for Sale in Turkey

Turkey has an astonishing array of rural locations in which you can buy property. If you want to avoid high-energy beach resorts, no problem. If you want a village house within easy reach of a stretch of quieter coastline, no problem. We look at the different types of rural property for sale in Turkey, and where the bargains are to be found. When discussing the prices of rural houses in Turkey, we must consider the benefits of living in rural homes as well as the areas of Turkey which would suit international buyers. Prices of rural property in Turkey: What are the benefits of living in the countryside? Many people go to the countryside to find peace and quiet and to get away from the noise and pollution that have become a part of city life. In this sense, Turkey is known for its densely populated cities, such as Istanbul. The nation’s economic capital has a population of nearly 16 million people. At the same time, Turkey is known for the variety of natural and diverse habitats found in its extensive countryside. This includes plains, mountains, waterfalls, springs, and agricultural land. As a result, those looking for rural property for …

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Property for Sale in Üzümlü

Fantastic Reasons to Buy Property for Sale in Uzumlu

Are you considering buying property for sale in Üzümlü? If your answer is yes, then you’ve picked one of Turkey’s most desired destinations. It’s in the south of the country, close to Fethiye. This makes it a popular resort with overseas investors. Üzümlü also happens to be on the edges of the Nif Mountains. Being higher in altitude than Fethiye, it has a cooler climate during the hotter seasons. This is just one great reason to invest in a holiday let or second home. Read on to find out other fantastic reasons to buy a property in Üzümlü. A Turkish Tuscany Did you know the name Üzümlü actually translates into Yeşilüzümlü which means, ‘green grape’? This is because the village reflects the stunning mountains, forests and meadows. These would be the exact views you could be waking up to from your new home! Furthermore, the region produces excellent wine for you to enjoy. Vines decorate terraced homes; a common feature for properties in Üzümlü. Many of these traditional village properties also have Ottoman and Greek styles. Desirable Real Estate Üzümlü offers investors a less expensive option than the other districts in the Fethiye region. This is partially due to its …

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Property for Sale Üzümlü

Property For Sale Üzümlü: A Buyers’ Guide

Turkey of course has great property for sale: Üzümlü especially boasts excellent prices, fine locations and options galore.  It is a beautiful, rustic town where the historical charm of Turkey is at full effect. Üzümlü is appealing, but you how do you go about buying property here? It is important to carefully weigh up your options when you invest in property. The stakes are high, so you need to find the perfect choice. In this buyers’ guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about buying property for sale Üzümlü. Let’s get started! What Kinds of Property are Available in Üzümlü, Turkey? Üzümlü is a tranquil, traditional Turkish town, brimming with perfectly preserved Greek and Ottoman-style houses. Additionally, many of the original streets remain. Üzümlü means “Grape,” as many properties are close to vineyards. When you look at property for sale, Üzümlü, offers spectacular views and reasonably priced prospects, from plots to villas. Along with historic buildings, the town boasts a large number of newly-constructed houses. For example, you may find a detached villa with three bedrooms, a garden and picturesque views of the Nif mountains. Apart from that, there are resale apartments, ranging from one to four …

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