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Rural Property for Sale in Turkey

Rural Property for Sale in Turkey

Turkey has an astonishing array of rural locations in which you can buy property. If you want to avoid high-energy beach resorts, no problem. If you want a village house within easy reach of a stretch of quieter coastline, no problem. We look at the different types of rural property for sale in Turkey, and where the bargains are to be found. When discussing the prices of rural houses in Turkey, we must consider the benefits of living in rural homes as well as the areas of Turkey which would suit international buyers. Prices of rural property in Turkey: What are the benefits of living in the countryside? Many people go to the countryside to find peace and quiet and to get away from the noise and pollution that have become a part of city life. In this sense, Turkey is known for its densely populated cities, such as Istanbul. The nation’s economic capital has a population of nearly 16 million people. At the same time, Turkey is known for the variety of natural and diverse habitats found in its extensive countryside. This includes plains, mountains, waterfalls, springs, and agricultural land. As a result, those looking for rural property for …

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Didim Property for Sale

Why Buying Didim Property for Sale is a Great Move

If you’re after Didim property for sale, then you couldn’t choose a more idyllic location. This pretty coastal resort is popular with British expats and holidaymakers. Situated in the Aydın Province, it’s also on a peninsula. The province is famous for its stunning beaches, fascinating history and beautiful landscapes. Here are five reasons why Didum is a fantastic place to move to or have as a second home. Value for Money One of the major concerns when deciding where to live abroad is the cost of living. The great news is that Turkey is a very affordable country! This is especially true in comparison to other European countries. Not only are everyday expenses low but overseas pensions are not taxed in Turkey. Combine this with the lucrative opportunities for renting out your property and you’ll soon be living the high life! Plenty to See and Do Didum is a super destination for culture vultures. The most famous of these is the Temple of Apollo. The Temple is part of Didyma so there are many ancient ruins right on your doorstep! A short distance from the centre, this classical city certainly has the wow factor. While Didum is mostly flat, mountains …

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Property for Sale in Altinkum Didim Turkey

Buyer’s Guide to Property for Sale in Altinkum Didim Turkey

Located on Turkey’s Aegean coast, Altinkum was once a small fishing village. It later merged with another small town called Didim. Today, Altinkum is close to all the popular night clubs, bazaars, and sandy beaches. Some may wonder: with great facilities all around, is it still possible to find a property for sale in Altinkum Didim Turkey? Yes, it is. As with any property investment, you need to look at your options. You have to consider the budget, the property, and decide if the location is the right fit for you. Keep reading to learn more about buying property for sale in Altinkum Didim Turkey. What Kinds of Property are Available in Altinkum Didim Turkey? One of the advantages of Altinkum Didim is that many properties have a beach view. Property for sale in Altinkum Didim Turkey is almost always sea-facing. You typically find multi-storeyed apartments and villas in Altinkum Didim to take in the gorgeous view. You’ll find luxury one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment complexes and villas that are right next to the beach. These are newly built with modern facilities that usually include a shared swimming pool. Although expensive, some villas come with their own garden and private facilities. …

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Property for sale in Didim

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Looking For Property for Sale in Didim

When you are looking for a holiday home in a big and diverse country such as Turkey, you will easily come across a myriad of options. Whether you enjoy a big buzzing city or a relaxed lifestyle by the seaside, Turkey has you covered. We recommend you choose the location according to the lifestyle and climate you prefer. Our selection, Didim, the coastal town with around 50,000 inhabitants, is the perfect destination for people looking for a peaceful summer holiday town. This beautiful ancient town is located by the Mediterranean sea, just around 120 kilometres south of Izmir. The proximity to the sea and rich history are just some of the reasons why you should start looking for property for sale in Didim. Continue reading below and learn more about why you too should invest in property in Didim. 1.  Perfect weather for the summer holiday In Didim, you get to enjoy a pleasant Mediterranean climate. Summer, from June to September, is the best time to visit Didim with low precipitation and the average daily temperatures being around 34°C. During the winter it gets rainier and the temperatures drop to around 10 C. The air in Didim is dry all …

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